Ichimoku Bot: A Revolutionary Trading Robot? Is it a scam?


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When you start trading, it is not always easy to control the vagaries of the financial market. Also, it is not uncommon for novice traders to opt for the use of trading robots, which can launch transactions in their place. Among these automatic tools, we can mention the Ichimoku Bot. A renowned trading robot, but whose reliability still makes many traders doubt its reliability. Is it a scam or an effective robot? Here is the test:

Ichimoku Bot: Legality

The Ichimoku Bot trading robot was developed by two French and Swiss experts. It has been around for some time now and is particularly popular with traders in France and the United Kingdom. This automatic trading tool is fully legal in Europe and allows traders to trade via brokers regulated by the AMF, such as Interactive Option, OptionWeb, TopOption, 24Option or Binary Bench. The use of the Ichimoku Bot is regulated by strict conditions, while allowing traders various possibilities. A customer service remains, as a bonus, at the disposal of the latter in the event of any problem. And, in order to prove the transparency of the platform, the latest trade results are displayed on the site.

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Ichimoku Bot: The strategy used

The Ichimoku Bot is based on the clouds of Ichimoku. This is a technical indicator widely used in binary option trading, which is particularly appreciated by professionals. This analysis system was developed by Goichi Hosoda in 1930 and made public in 1960. Since then, it has been used to better anticipate market movements and thus facilitate stock market speculation. Ichimoku’s clouds remain based on Japanese candlesticks, and above all allow to have a clear and sharp graphic visual of market trends. The technique is particularly in demand on the binary exchange, but can also be adapted to all trading methods, such as scalping or swing trading.

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Ichimoku Bot: How to use the software?

While the Ichimoku analysis is known to be complex, the use of the Ichimoku Bot is particularly simple. To start, the trader must go to the platform site and open an account with one of the brokers compatible with the system. After making the first deposit to his trading account, he can then log in with his login details and activate his Ichimoku Bot session. The trading robot performs the transactions automatically, however, the trader can set the assets to be traded and the amounts to be bet in advance. The positions are then taken automatically, based on the Ichimoku clouds. For safety reasons, the robot does not take any position when the computer is turned off.

Ichimoku Bot: The price

The Ichimoku Bot robot is not free, but new traders can use it freely for 60 days, up to €5,000 in earnings. To access a full license, they must then pay €350 per month

Our review

In general, Ichimoku Bot can be qualified as an efficient robot. Its legality in Europe reassures traders in terms of security and Ichimoku analysis is a good reference in terms of technical analysis. But if the use of this type of robot can generate gains in the short term, its efficiency is not so guaranteed in the long term as it is for all trading robots. The ideal solution remains to opt for manual trading or, at least, to choose social trading tools such as NessFX.