Is there a foolproof way to be a stock market winner?

Well, I’ve decided to do an article on a subject that bothers me. We saw that we could make a living from trading, but,

Is there a foolproof way to win on the stock market?

The answer is clearly no, those who tell you the opposite are pitchers, dream sellers who will often have a financial reason to tell you. It’s easier for you not to be fooled. If the individual or legal entity ever tells you that they have a miracle way to win on the stock market, you know that’s not true since they wouldn’t need to sell you anything with all the money they would have earned. And most often, when you make the point, she supposedly wants to share it with as many people as possible. We all believe in it.

In any case, nothing is infallible in our field but there are many interesting strategies (based on statistics, on markets…). There could even be a strategy per trader. You just have to find the strategy that suits you, that speaks to you and allows you to win more regularly. It is likely that one person can win with one strategy while another does not. It’s very subjective.

Strategies may also differ over time for each trader. Indeed, as he evolves, the trader will refine his strategy or change it completely.
For example, for the novice trader, so let’s face it, it’s advisable to adopt a strategy that allows you to manage risks and bet only what you can lose. As a beginner, the trader only takes a position on 1 or 2 trades since it is already a lot and it is better to master these values perfectly. This method makes it possible to round off the end of the month but not to live off it. After a few successful tests, the trader will want to go further.

The experienced trader, on the other hand, can have a more aggressive and less risk-based strategy by using high leverage (with caution of course).

As you will have understood, there is no infallible way to win but strategies to adopt according to your level and what you want to do. What works is 20% theory and 80% of the experience you will gain as a trader. So practice and get started!