The AMF advises against Plan B, a product subject to scams

For some time now, we have been hearing a lot about “Plan B”, an investment that would be an interesting alternative to the Livret A passbook. In response to the numerous promotional campaigns, the AMF or Autorité des Marchés Financiers gave its review. Plan B would not be as interesting as it claims. Worse still, there would even be possible scams…

Plan B: Distrust!

In general, when we talk about plan B, it is a backup plan. And that is precisely what “Plan B” is supposed to represent, a type of investment that is much talked about. This would be an alternative to the Livret A booklet and would have various advantages. But the commitments associated with this plan, which are highlighted (particularly on the Internet), would be misleading. In any case, the AMF has made it its duty to publish a press release to this effect. The regulator strongly criticizes these promises that mislead the public…

Beware of scams

Well, Plan B, which boasts of replacing the Livret A passbook, would simply be a scam. To date, there is (still) no investment that could be measured in terms of return against the Livret A passbook savings account. Indeed, it is still impossible to expect a risk-free remuneration of around 4%. In addition, all the sites that make the famous Plan B available do not require authorisation from the AMF or ACPR Banque France, although some say otherwise. Many of them are, in fact, based in Cyprus: mistrust is then the order of the day. Why? Why? Because, in this country, the issuing of authorisations is quite easy, as you should know from our reviews.

<strong> scam plan b</strong>
And potentially get ripped off!

Learn more about plan B?

But what does this famous plan B really consist of? In reality, the letter “B” simply refers to “binary” or more precisely to “binary options”. It is a matter of choosing between two possibilities with two outcomes: success or loss. So this is total speculation. If the forecast is good, gains are pocketed (with a return exceeding 12%). Otherwise, the bet is definitely lost. Because of its very principle, Plan B cannot really be compared to Livret A! It cannot even be said to be an investment since there is a significant risk of loss.

In addition, beyond this risk, some brokers simply defraud their traders through various dishonest schemes. These include the difficulties (or rather the impossibility) of recovering the money deposited and/or earned as well as credit card fraud. We must therefore be wary of high-profile offers. When the conditions seem too advantageous, it’s because it’s too good to be true! In any case, it is always necessary to check that a particular operator is reliable and duly regulated.