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Forex education is crucial for beginners.

At MassLib, we firmly believe in this principle, especially since the Foreign Exchange can be complex if you do not have some basic knowledge.

This is why we propose this new School of Pipsology. More lessons, more content to satisfy your appetite for learning Forex.

The Pipsology School is designed to help you acquire the specific skills, knowledge and abilities of successful traders in the international foreign exchange market.

If you want to start directly into the lessons and start learning how to trade Forex, just click on this link. But if you want to know more about the School of Pipsology, continue your reading…

Our definition of a successful trader can be summarized as follows:

  1. Accumulate Pips
  2. Keep your Pips
  3. Reiterate

If you can reproduce these three actions regularly, you are on the right track to become a Forex star! But beware, it’s a challenging journey.

Do you remember when you were a shy little schoolboy? No ?

So let us guide you through the Forex jungle by taking you by the hand as a young schoolboy doing his first classeseducation forex

You will start your schooling with learning the basics of the Forex market.

You will discover the notion of fundamental analysis and throughout this program the different ways to analyze the currency market.

If you succeed in assimilating these first notions then you can continue with the technical analysis.

Then comes the heart of the matter and what brought you to this page: our Forex school. This is where you learn how to trade Forex.

From that moment on, if you master all these elements, you can consider yourself an experienced novice. All you have to do is strengthen your experience in the field of online trading.

From beginner to experienced trader, the School of Pipsology will try to cover all aspects of Forex trading in stages.

You will learn how to identify trading opportunities, how to measure time in the market (through smart methods) and when to take profits or close a trade.

But that’s not all, folks. There’s a lot more! Once we have explained the trade tricks to you, you will head to the most exciting place in our school, where you will discover the secrets of trading psychology.

Once you have completed all your courses, convinced that you are the next trading star, we will keep you on track and warn you of the dangers of the Forex jungle.

Forex trading is not an easy thing, but with a lot of study and hard work, you can become a successful trader.

So now it’s up to you to follow our wise advice in order!

School of Pipsology – Learn to trade Forex for FREE

Aperçu of the courses
L’ US Dollar Index
The "Prçons "Préscolaires"
What is Forex?
Why Trade Forex?
Who Trades Forex?
When can you trade Forex?
How do you trade Forex?
The 00e7on "maternal level"
Brokers 101
Three Types of Analysis
Types of graphs
The 100th7th anniversary of the beginning of the 2019th year of the school year
Level 1Support Levels and Résistances
Level 2Japanese candles
Level 3Fibonacci
Level 4 Moving averages
Level 5Bollinger Bands
The average price of the
Level 6Dynamics indicator and oscillators
Level 7Modèthe graphics
Level 8Pivot points
The class of the year 2019 and the class of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year
Wave Theory of Elliott Waves
Graphics of harmonic forms
The 00e7on of collège
Level 9Divergences in Trading
Level 10Trading Environment
Level 11Breakages and fake breaks
Level 12Fundamental Analysis
Level 13Currency Corrélations
Level 14Analysis on Unité of Multiple Times
The00th7ths for the preparation of the diploma
First 800th 8th year of university
Sentiment de marché
News Trading
Trade Monitoring
Second year of university