The most expensive jewellery in the world, find our top 10

Jewellery is always synonymous with luxury and beauty. Today, some pieces are so precious that their prices reach unimaginable heights! We find jewellery whose device as well as the prices are very extravagant. This is precisely the top 10 most expensive jewellery in the world:10 – Diamond and emerald tiaraThis diamond and emerald tiara, weighing over 500 carats, was ordered by the Chaumet jewellery store in Paris in the 1900s, for Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck. Its value is estimated at $12.7 million. 9 – The Bulgari double diamond ring Created in 1972, this double diamond ring, of 9.87 and 10.95 carats, was acquired by an Asian collector in 2010. It costs 15.7 million dollars. 8 – The heart of the Ocean7 –Le Cœur de l’Océan, c’est le fameux bijou du film Titanic, porté par le personnage de Rose. L’original a été porté par Gloria Stuart lors de la cérémonie des Oscars en 1998 et est estimé à 20 millions de dollars.  Archduke Joseph This jewel, the size of a domino, is a diamond of color D. Its purity earns it an estimate of 21.5 million dollars. 6 – The perfect pink Cut in rectangularshape, the perfect pink is a rare diamond of 14.23 carats. It was purchased by an anonymous in 2010, for the price of $23.2 million. 5 –Graff Pink The Graff Pink The Graff Pink belonged first to the famous jeweller Harry Wintson, before being acquired by the jeweller Laurence Graff in 2010. The pink diamond, of 24.78 carats, was married with platinum to form a rectangle ring. The price of this jewel is 46.2 million dollars. 4 – The Incomparable Apparently,the brand Mouawad is used to setting the bar very high. In particular, she has signed the most expensive handbag and bra in the world and now offers the Incomparable, a gold necklace adorned with 91 white diamonds, with a brownish diamond of more than 407 carats in pendant. Worth $55 million. 3 – The Wittelsbach-Graff diamond acquired bythe Graff family in 2008, this diamond is said to have belonged to an emperor of the Indian kingdom of Golkonda. It weighs 35.56 carats and is now valued at $80 million. 2 – The Pink Dream The PinkDream is the ring with the largest, purest and most transparent pink diamond. It was bought by Isaac Wolf in 2013, when it was still called “Pink Star”, for the price of 83.19 million dollars. 1 – Hope And finally, in first place is Hope, also called Le Bleu de France or Le Bijou du Roi. It is the largest blue diamond in the world to date. Exhibited at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., it is worth $200 million, so