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NessFX is a solid broker where your funds are safe and withdrawals are fast. It is an ideal broker to start in social trading. Click here to register, download their video training and watch their webinar

NessFX social trading is the new technique that is revolutionizing financial markets and traders’ habits. The purpose of this method is to bring together traders with very different profiles and experience in a large network. The benefits of social trading are manifested through the acquisition and exchange of knowledge between traders in order to increase their skills, so you will reach a high level of expertise in a minimum of time.

NessFX offers all its customers the keys and tools to adopt social trading easily and benefit from it quickly. The ergonomic platform allows everyone to access the most relevant information and take positions in a few clicks. In a very short time, become familiar with this new method, benefit from the experience of more experienced traders and enrich your trading experience.

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NessFX: social trading in detail

Social trading on nessfx

In a nutshell, NessFX has combined a traditional social network with a powerful trading platform to allow financial investors to base their trading decisions partly or solely on the information and knowledge provided by other traders in the network.
NessFX’s social trading platform is an integral part of this historic shift in the way traders analyze the market. Before this invention, investors relied solely on technical and fundamental analysis methods to take the best positions. From now on, these methods are coupled, if not supplanted, by social trading, which provides social financial analysis.

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NessFX: social trading in a few steps

One of the primary functions of social trading is to allow users to accumulate a large amount of easily accessible and live information about ongoing financial activities in the network. Thanks to NessFX, the positions of other traders using the platform will be revealed to you at any time. This will provide you with a real-time overview of market trends and inspire you with new and innovative strategies.
You will also be able to deepen your understanding of each trader’s activities. Thanks to a ranking of the best traders of the moment, the activities of some may seem more interesting to you than those of other investors. That’s why NessFX gives you the opportunity to follow the trader(s) of your choice. You will receive more information about their activity such as traded assets, risk rates and rates of return.
Finally, one of the keys to the success of NessFX social trading is to copy the transactions and therefore the results of your favorite trader. When a trader has drawn your attention to the relevance of his positions and the convincing results they bring, NessFX allows you to allocate a certain percentage or even all of your capital to copy his transactions. This way, each investor transaction of your choice will automatically be copied and added to your asset portfolio.

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NessFX: social trading for all

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, NessFX offers you the ideal conditions to increase your trading profits and maximize your earnings. Exchange with other investors to broaden your knowledge and accumulate new trading ideas that will guarantee your success.

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