NessFX offers excellent online continuing education

social trading iconAs soon as you register on the NessFX platform, a renowned broker, you will benefit from a large number of training courses that will allow you to constantly acquire new knowledge. The web conferences offered by NessFX experts are adapted to the profiles and levels of users who will be able to follow the training courses of their choice from the wide panel. They are directly accessible via the platform and a program of upcoming training sessions will be sent to you by email in the weekly newsletter sent to all customers.
Continuous training will also be provided through NessFX’s social trading tool called Sirix. Indeed, social trading allows many investors to come together in a large network and exchange techniques, knowledge and strategies. Social trading also allows you to copy the positions of a particular trader, i. e. in a given budget, SIrix will automatically take the positions of your favorite trader.

NessFX: various themes

Every week, NessFX organizes numerous training sessions for its users, including the morning session which takes place every morning. This daily training allows those who follow it to take stock of European markets as they open. NessFX specialists also provide accurate analyses of current opportunities.

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NessFX: a step-by-step support

social tradingIn order to gradually familiarize yourself with the tools of the NessFX trading platform, your account manager is available at any time to answer any questions. In addition, a weekly conference on the platform’s features makes it easier to use the NessFX platform and also Sirix social trading. The Sirix application is available on all media, computer, tablet and smartphone and allows you to copy the operations of the most efficient traders. Thus, maximize your earnings by adopting the winning strategies of your favorite investors.

NessFX: trading training

Twice a week, NessFX experts offer live trading training sessions. Take advantage of these sessions to acquire new skills in technical and fundamental analysis to decode market trends. Identifying the right opportunities is a constant challenge for traders, whether they are beginners or more experienced. This is why these training courses will give you all the tools you need to define new strategies and develop winning trading ideas.

NessFX: an update on indicators

In addition, each week you will be able to benefit from training that focuses on a specific indicator in order to decipher in detail all the characteristics of each of them. Find out, for example, how to use the moving average, RSI, Stochastic or MACD indicator and be ready to execute your trading plan as a professional. It is important to understand the ins and outs of each indicator because, depending on the market environment in which you will operate, each will provide additional information that will give you a 360° view of your strategy.

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