Preditrend, a risky offer or a scam?

Since online trading has become particularly popular, many operators claim to have developed the miracle solution to win. This is particularly the case with Preditrend, which would be a particularly effective trading software. Behind an apparently attractive formula lies a risky offer or even a scam..

Attractive offers

Recently, many Internet users have received emails, according to which Preditrend would be THE new software to use to win in trading. Advertisements were also shown on social networks, as well as on online video platforms, with a simple message: “Anyone can now trade like a pro”. The main focus of Preditrend’s communication campaign is that, thanks to this tool, traders now have a guarantee of profit. Several arguments are put forward by the company, including success rates of up to 75%, or exceptional results of only 1 loss on 4 gains. These are guarantees that are impossible to provide in terms of trading, given the risks associated with stock market speculation. Proof, already, that Preditrend may not be what it claims. Especially since it is “free”.

scam algorithm

Shady information

Indeed, according to the data collected on Preditrend, it is not really a software but a portal that invites you to focus on binary options. Internet users can connect to it via several addresses, including,,, or its English version These sites are well done and look really serious. What is wrong, however, is that the legal information mentioned is incomplete, and that in the advertising videos, the names of the founders range from Vincent Bazin and Agathe Guiverneau for the French version, to Abbey Walker-Jones and John Cross for the English version. They could, for example, be actors paid to promote the software. It should also be noted that Preditrend is also linked to the Cypriot company WGM Services Ltd, known under the trademark Eztrader, which was recently sanctioned by CySEC. This could be a real scam.

predditrend ceo france

A warning from the AMF

The AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) has already warned Internet users that this Preditrend software is not credible. On 21 September 2015, WGM was sanctioned by CySEC for €340,000 and, apparently, it is not new in the management of portfolios without authorisation. It should also be remembered that like many operators, Eztrader is one of the official sponsors of AS Monaco, which could strengthen its reputation among traders. However, this type of partnership does not guarantee the reliability of the broker and, moreover, out of 5 sponsor brokers, 3 of them have already been sanctioned. The AMF thus continues to sound the alarm and encourages traders to be vigilant. Even with “regulated” brokers, 90% of clients still lose out in trading.