Private showroom a mixed IPO

In recent weeks, there have been a few IPOs of large French companies. After Deezer who finally gave up, it’s the turn of Showroom Privée to start. However, the first trading day, 30 October 2015, was not fully satisfactory

When Showroom Privée goes public
The IPO of Showroom Privée took place in a prestigious atmosphere. Yes, the Minister of the Economy, in the person of Emmanuel Macron, was also present, alongside the leaders of the French high-tech company. Serious things start right at 9:00 a.m., the opening time of the Paris Stock Exchange. It should be noted that 80 employees from Showroom Privée were also in attendance. And it was under a shower of confetti that the trading day began. Things are not starting as well as expected, however, since the share, whose initial price is 19.50 euros, first loses value to 16.85 euros, then falling by nearly 13.6%. However, its value rises in the afternoon with a price of 18.25%.

private showroom

A mixed
launch The IPO of the private Showroom did not meet with the expected success. Nevertheless, the company specializing in online destocking has the merit of having gone all the way. Unlike another French high-tech company, Deezer, which preferred to postpone its entry into the stock market. Moreover, this online audio streaming company is not the only one to have modified its plants. Out of some thirty IPO projects planned since the summer of 2015, 11 have been cancelled and 3 have been restructured. In addition, investors responded to the meeting on the day of the IPO of the private Showroom.

A stock market listing that is nevertheless significant
. In any case, the IPO of the private showroom was significant. Moreover, this approach is far from insignificant. It is always the result of a long process. For its part, Showroom Privée is undoubtedly an iconic company that has joined the 26 other innovative companies that have been part of Euronext since the beginning of 2015. Today, the Paris Stock Exchange already has 330 technology stocks and Showroom Privée is definitely not to be outdone. In addition, we must not stay on the “surprises” like that of Deezer, an equally innovative company that will certainly bounce back after its recent decision to withdraw its plan to go public.

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