Professional traders, how much do they earn?

The job of trader makes many people dream. This is partly because this profession is associated with high remuneration. But what is really going on? What does a trader really earn? Is it a really lucrative job?

What salary for a trader?

First of all, it should be pointed out that a trader’s salary is not the same in different countries. What a trader earns in France is different from what another person in the same profession earns on the London or New York side. But one thing is certain, it is a job that is generally better paid and offers great opportunities for development.

What a trader earns in France

A trader starting out in this profession can claim a salary of around 5,000 euros upon completion of his training. This remuneration can quickly increase as he experiences it. A trader with experience can earn a salary of up to 15,000 or even 25,000 euros. And the numbers can become phenomenal for the wonders of the stock market. Highly coveted, these geniuses can obtain 7-digit remuneration of up to 1 or even 3 million euros per year.
And beyond the fixed salary, it should be noted that a trader is also entitled to commissions and bonuses that vary according to his performance. The more profiles he generates, the more he will earn. Moreover, the variable portion of a trader’s remuneration can rise very high and be worth up to 20 times his fixed salary. And if traders’ remuneration already seems attractive in France, it is even more so in the United Kingdom and the United States. Moreover, many young French traders do not hesitate to try their luck in these countries (England and the United States).

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What a trader earns in England and New York

The profession of trader is particularly well paid on the English side. Indeed, we can expect an average salary of 30,000 euros per month for those who are just starting out. This figure can even go up to 60,000 euros for the best and most experienced. It should be noted that the actual salary may vary (downward or upward), depending on the employer’s policy.
On the New York side, wages are even more exorbitant and make traders all over the world dream. Remuneration is in 6 figures (up to 200,000 euros per month) and can quickly increase thanks to bonuses for the most efficient. It should be noted, however, that the world of the stock exchange is merciless in the city that is home to the world’s most important financial centre. The young “wolves” who will have the chance to join Goldman Sachs have a really big chance of winning and the bonuses can amount to millions of dollars. Nevertheless, this possibility of earning a fabulous salary is accompanied by a significant amount of stress.