Sponsorship bonus by AvaTrade, earn up to 400 euros

While most traders are familiar with welcome bonuses, the referral bonus is not necessarily known to everyone. However, many brokers offer this type of bonus, in particular to recruit as many traders as possible and to reward those who help them. At AvaTrade, sponsorship can earn up to €400 in bonuses. Find out how it works

The steps to follow

To sponsor a friend on AvaTrade, the first step to take is, of course, to open a trading account with the broker. Only members of the portal can, in fact, invite a friend to join it. Thus, once a member, the trader must simply contact the future trader and explain to him/her the trading advantages offered by Avatrade. He will have to convince him, since it is the registration of this new trader that will allow him to pocket the bonus. The latter will then have to open an account on the site, and must communicate his full name and account number to the broker’s staff. This data can be sent directly by email to cs[a]avatrade.com. As soon as the new trader’s registration is confirmed, in particular by the payment of a first deposit, the sponsor will then receive the agreed referral bonus.

Bonus amounts

The amount of the referral bonus is a lump sum, but depends on the first deposit made by the new trader. Thus, for a first deposit between €250 and €499, the bonus offered will be €75. For a first sum paid between €500 and €1,999, the broker will give a €150 bonus as a gift. A deposit between €2,000 and €9,999 will result in a €250 referral bonus. And finally, if the new trader pays €10,000 and more, his sponsor will receive a €400 bonus. This bonus is in real money and can be used directly in trading. However, it should be noted that in order to be able to withdraw it, the trader must meet certain conditions.


The conditions to be respected

As with all bonuses, access to the referral bonus at Avatrade is subject to a few conditions:

  • First, this bonus is only for new accounts. It will only be withdrawable when both traders’ accounts (godfather and godchild) are well funded and validated by the broker’s staff.
  • Avatrade carries out a thorough verification of the sponsored person’s account, before crediting the referral bonus to the trader’s account.
  • The broker also checks all identification documents to be provided, before giving his consent.
  • The referral bonus is available to all Avatrade members, except traders located in China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Romania and Vietnam.
  • Avatrade reserves the right to make changes, amend, or cancel the sponsorship program at any time.

In order to be able to withdraw the bonus, the trader must also respect these few points:

  • If he uses the AvaTrader platform, he must reach a minimum trading volume of 10,000 basic instruments for every €1 of the bonus earned. And this, within a maximum period of 12 months.
  • If he has chosen the MT4 platform, he must respect a minimum trading volume of 0.10 lots for each €1 of the bonus. Always within a limited time of 12 months.

In the event that the trader does not meet one of these conditions, or fails to reach the required volume within the required time, his bonus will then be cancelled and cancelled. Please note that the AvaTrade referral bonus is not valid with AvaPartner affiliate commissions.