Removing binary option: What can be done to speed up the procedure in case of difficulties?

Traders who trade binary options do so for a specific purpose: to earn money. When they have made the right decisions and their speculations have been successful, they accumulate the gains. At some point, they may trigger the withdrawal of the latter. In some cases, difficulties may arise: long delays in obtaining the money or even inability to recover the amount in question. What then can be done to speed up the procedure?

Withdrawal in binary options: how does it work?

The withdrawal of earnings from a binary options broker generally follows specific procedures. First, the trader must make the request, this is usually done via a specific section of the site, in a few clicks. But for the payment to be triggered, the broker carries out some checks. In particular, it requires copies of documents proving the identity of the client, in this case an identity document, a proof of residence of less than 3 months and a credit card. By controlling these documents, the broker proves that transactions are secure while helping to combat money laundering. Once these documents reach him, the money can theoretically be withdrawn. And it will take some time.

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Be careful with the information provided!

Although providing the requested documents speeds up the payment process, care must be taken with the information provided, particularly with regard to the credit card. It is strongly recommended to hide certain information to prevent a malicious person from fraudulently using this payment instrument. In particular, it is necessary to hide as much information as possible on the front of the card, leaving only a few numbers visible. On the back, the last 3 digits must be hidden.

How to speed up the procedure?

Make money keyboard key. FingerIn general, the earnings recovery process is faster with the most reliable binary option brokers. Precautions must therefore be taken beforehand. More specifically, you must choose a reliable broker.

Even before registering on a specialized site, it is wise to get as much information as possible, ensuring that it is a reliable operator. In practice, it is advisable to take a close interest in its regulation: a broker approved by the regulatory authorities is more trustworthy. Some brokers are also on black lists (it is necessary to know the one published by the AMF or the Autorité des Marchés Financiers): these brokers should be avoided at all costs, as they are not at all reliable. Withdrawal of winnings is not only likely to be long. You may even be unable to get your money back.

If you have opted for a trusted operator such as OptionWeb for example, but the withdrawal period still seems too long, do not hesitate to contact the assistance or customer support directly to ask for explanations.