Our test and review from broker 10Trade

Our review

In a nutshell

10Trade is located at the frontier of excellence, regulated by CySEC and AMF, its rate of return but also its minimum position can attract beginner traders. The site also offers its members the essential trading school to get started in binary options. In short, a very good broker for those who want to discover an alternative to the big players in the sector.

About the


did not enter the world of binary option trading until 2014, but the company is already making waves and attracting many traders around the world. Its popularity is due to various criteria. Its interface is clear and easy to access, and offers a wide range of high-level tools that allow users to enjoy a different type of trading experience. They can also benefit from repayment rates of up to 81% and do not have to pay any fees when they make a withdrawal with their credit card. They have access to a wide range of assets and trading options, and can thus customize their trading strategy to make the most profit possible. What is most interesting about 10Trade is that it is one of the few platforms to be fully licensed, allowing traders to trade safely. The

platform toolsCustomers

have access to many options such as “Trader Choice” and “Scale Options”, to allow them to test the latest features available on the market. Those who prefer the more classic and well-known options will always have access to the “60 seconds” or “One Touch” option. Traders can also use 10Trade’s mobile application, which allows them to have permanent access to markets and be able to trade anytime and anywhere

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Access to funds and withdrawals of your hard-earned winnings are simplified with a smooth and user-friendly interface. 10Trade’s financial department handles withdrawal requests within two business days, and “Elite” members have access to an even faster service. Traders may also make withdrawals with their Credit Card or have to pay additional fees. If you want to start trading, all you have to do is make a deposit of 200 euros.

Marketable assets10Trade

offers a wide range of nearly 200 assets, including equities, currencies, stock market indices and commodities. Investors will be able to benefit from a range of the main currency and equity pairs of the world’s most highly rated companies. 10Trade offers you various “expiration dates” that can be modified according to the preferences of each trader.


has quickly gained popularity above all because it allows traders to manage their transactions in complete security. 10Trade is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which provides its investors with comprehensive trading protection. CySEC is an independent entity that oversees and regulates the market, to provide online clients with the security required for binary option trading

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Customer ServiceFor

10Trade, the important thing is also to provide its users with quality customer service, which is why it calls on a team of highly qualified specialists, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The user can contact customer service free of charge by any means of his choice: by phone, email or live chat. 10Trade’s customers are growing in number and come from all over the world, thanks to a platform available in 12 languages.

Pros and cons Pros and cons


  • Fully regulated and licensed platform.
  • High level training resources
  • 24/7 customer service available
  • 200 marketable assets

The against:

  • Traders residing in the United States cannot register on our site.

To concludeWhile

10Trade is quite recent on the market, it has already revolutionized the world of binary option trading. Customers can accumulate substantial funds and know that their earnings are safe with 10Trade. The professional customer service team is there to help customers at any time of the day, allowing them to make the most of their binary option trading experience. It also offers a wide range of marketable assets to enable investors to find their happiness in the world of trading. Returns on investments can be as high as 81%, which is also what motivates investors interested in binary options to visit this platform.