Alvexo: Does this Broker deserve the trust of his users?

Alvexo in Brief


Alvexo is a trading platform that leaves room for doubt and its customer service is clearly not there. Our team of experts does not recommend that you use this site to trade online. Instead, go to eToro, which has dominated the online trading market for several years.

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Alvexo is a trading platform that was created in 2014 and is authorised by the Cysec (Cyprus Security and Trade Commission). Specialized in the foreign exchange market and investment, this broker offers its members the opportunity to trade in both currencies and CFDs. To do this, the latter provides them with various decision support tools as well as an efficient and responsive support service. What are the features offered by this young broker and is he trustworthy?

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Alvexo: Which trading platform to use?

To make the most of its features, this broker will recommend no less than 3 trading platforms: Web Trader, Mobile Trader and Meta Trader 4, each of which has an excellent reputation in the trading world.

  • The Web Trader platform, for starters, has the advantage of not requiring any downloads and has an intuitive interface that is accessible to everyone. The trader can place orders without delay by permanently having direct quotes. This platform also offers the opportunity to engage in social trading and is very effective when it comes to working with CFDs.
  • The Meta Trader 4 platform is one of the most popular in the Forex community. There are several reasons for this popularity, such as the quality of its customer service, the possibility of placing orders in different ways and the many indicators and charts that traders have at their disposal to refine their strategy.
  • Finally, the ultimate platform accessible through the broker is Mobile Trader. Specially designed for use with mobile operating systems such as IOS or Android, Mobile Trader also enjoys a solid reputation and is aimed at highly mobile traders who will be able to track price changes in real time and place their orders wherever they are.

What accounts can be opened with this broker?

By using this broker, the trader will be able to choose between 4 types of accounts depending on his investor profile and experience.

  • First of all, the Classic account is ideally suited for novice traders who do not have the experience required to make the most of the platform’s many advanced features and who do not necessarily plan to become trading professionals. A minimum deposit of $500 is required to open this account.
  • The Gold account, on the other hand, is ideal for mid-level traders who want to increase their trading skills. To subscribe to this account, a minimum down payment of $5,000 will be required.
  • As for the ECN account, it will be reserved for traders with proven experience and who carry out daily transactions. The initial deposit must also be a minimum of $5,000.
  • Finally, the Premium account is the one that gives access to all the platform’s features and is intended for the most experienced traders. In this case, the initial deposit is $10,000.

What are the spreads applied by this broker?

Like any self-respecting trading platform, it applies a tax system and spreads that should be well known from the moment it registers. It should be noted that spreads are variable and are in line with the assets. For example, for gold, spreads will be 9 for both the US dollar and the euro. For oil, these spreads will be set at 5.2. For sugar, the figure applied will be 70.2, for Dow Jones 502 and finally for CAC 40, the value here will be estimated at 352. Importantly, as far as the deductions applied to transactions and the spreads offered by the trading platform are concerned, the latter will be related to the type of account held. However, the spreads implemented by the broker remain very competitive, even for the traditional account.

The customer service available on the platform in detail

If there is one area in which this broker stands out clearly from the competition, it is the quality of its customer support and assistance services. Customer service is thus permanently available and can be contacted by phone, email, chat and even via social networks and will give customers the opportunity to be put in touch with real trading experts. However, the platform does not only provide a high level of customer service. It also offers its members the opportunity to train and develop their skills in the art of trading.

Among the many Alvexo reviews, the quality of the available training courses regularly emerges as one of the main strengths of the trading platform. These training courses will mainly focus on explaining the basics of trading and consist of articles, tutorials and guides accessible to all. The main objective of these training courses is to enable each trader to develop his own strategy and make it grow over the long term. However, this Training section is not exclusively for beginner traders as tutorials are also reserved for a more experienced audience.

Always in this logic of pedagogy towards its customers, the platform also offers them the opportunity to open a totally free demo account and to make their debut in trading by doing exchange simulation. This will allow the trader to better understand the basic principles of trading before making real money investments.

In addition to being distinguished by its responsiveness and speed, the platform’s customer support service is run only by professionals specialised in the field of trading who are carefully selected for their skills in this area.

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What are the platform’s assets compared to its competitors?

  • Despite its recent creation, the broker has developed a particularly rich and attractive trading offer in the highly competitive online trading market. Thus, on this trading platform, the client will have the opportunity to make his investments grow in different ways. Indeed, a wide range of assets to be traded is gathered and each investor will be able to invest in a maximum of 40 currency pairs without having any obligation. To top it all off, this broker also offers more than 35 shares to trade and which are present on the international market as well as 6 indices with the main crypto currencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.
  • If this platform is so promising for traders of all levels, it is also because it has put in place certain tools that are particularly useful and easy to use for its clients. Among the latter and as mentioned above, the broker offers his new clients the opportunity to open a demo account that allows them to learn to master each feature of the interface before making their first real investments. Completely free of charge, this mode will be an opportunity for novice traders to apply the various training courses followed without taking the slightest risk.
  • Among the other tools of interest and proposed by the broker is the calculator. This will greatly facilitate the trader’s analysis and estimation work, thus saving him valuable time in these trading operations. In particular, this calculator makes it possible to make estimates of losses and profits and thus improve risk management.

Alvexo Trading

  • Still in the category of trading tools offered by the platform, there is one that will delight apprentice traders: social trading. This trading mode will allow the beginner to “copy” the trader he has chosen. Of course, this method is not without risk and it is better to rely on a reliable and proven trader. However, social trading is a solution that should be taken seriously when learning and developing your own investment strategy. The platform offers its clients the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of other traders by copying them on their exchanges in real time. This tool will be appreciated by traders who do not have a sufficiently high level of expertise, who do not have the time necessary to devote themselves fully to this activity or who simply wish to make trading a simple source of secondary income.
  • Although not a tool per se, as mentioned above, the platform has an application compatible with IOS and Android that will give traders the opportunity to continue their activities and monitor prices wherever they are and whenever they want.
  • Let’s continue the description of the broker’s various tools with a unique feature that his other competitors do not offer: the account generator. The latter will be a valuable help for traders who will be able to choose their level of classification according to their investment objectives, their level of experience or their level of income.
  • The broker’s latest major tools, a Facebook page, a reporting service and a constantly updated blog will be invaluable sources of information for the trader, who will be able to follow the day-to-day financial news and get an idea of the market trends to follow.

The legitimacy of the broker in question

For those who are wondering about the reliability and legitimacy of the platform, it must be said that it meets all the requirements in force. In addition to scrupulously following the MIFID standards, it is regulated by CySEC (Clearing Fund in Europe) and is, in fact, authorised to work in Europe. Also, each client of the platform can benefit from the protection of the CFI (Investment Compensation Fund). In other words, this broker is subject to permanent supervision and this control guarantees the absence of fraud and strict compliance with the regulations in force.

Also in the field of security, the broker also ensures that all accounts are independent and can only be used for traders’ payments. In fact, any creditor of the broker will not be able to make the slightest claim in the event of a budget deficit, for example. In accordance with CySec’s guidelines, the platform has adopted a high-performance digital security system that effectively protects traders’ accounts. All the traffic generated by the platform is secured using Rapid SSL combined with an impassable firewall.

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Alvexo review: What do you think of this broker?

Despite its very young existence, this broker has quickly made its entry into the big league and provides trading services that have nothing to envy to some heavyweights in the sector such as IQ Option. In addition to a very complete arsenal of trading tools and an interface that is very easy to master in a minimum of time, the platform provides its traders with very competitive spreads.

Certainly, the platform can be blamed for its complexity in finding information on CFD products and also for the fact that there is no FAQ section. However, with excellent customer service and Cysec approval that should reassure the most suspicious traders, this broker is clearly set to become one of the leaders in the online trading sector.