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In a nutshell

AnyOption may not be the best broker in terms of immediate profits but remains a sure bet for anyone who wants to trade binary options. With its announced yield, profit and return on loss you have complete transparency on the result of your trade.

We love all the tools offered but also those that are made available before the deadline. The small minus is its rather classic rate of return that prevents it from getting a better rating. Overall, AnyOption remains a trusted broker and one of the leading in the binary options market! He is to be placed among the challengers for his varied offer and creativity.

AnyOption allows you to have new experiences with binary options. You will also be able to observe the positions of other traders and maybe earn more by copying the best with its social trading system.

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Our Opinion

One of the best binary option sites

Launched in 2008, AnyOption is one of the first brokers offering binary options for individuals. It is qualified as one of the best, thanks in particular to the wide range of assets it makes available to its clients. While the broker iOption offers 66 underlying shares, AnyOption offers 150 shares, plus nearly 30 indices, 16 Forex pairs, more than 50 shares and less than ten commodities. This wide choice makes it easier for traders to choose the assets to invest, depending on market trends. Depending on the type of option selected such as option or 0-100 binary have their own list of assets.

Several features accessibleAnyOption

owes its reputation even to the many options it offers to its traders. The latter have, among other things, the “take profit” tool, which allows them to receive the earnings directly before the expiry of the deadline. AnyOption’s “Options ” also offer the possibility to resell positions at any time, whether they are “in” or “out”. In the event that market developments do not work in their favour, investors can change their minds. They can also extend the expiration date of options using the renewal tool provided by AnyOption.

Profits up to 100%

On AnyOption, the minimum deposit is €200, with no welcome bonus offered. Traditional binary option trading can earn up to 80% of your investment, with a 25% return on loss. However, with the features offered on the site, it is possible to make very significant gains. The 0-100 option allows you to make a profit of up to 100% by focusing on a specific event. But as you know, the higher the return, the higher the risk of loss, if you start with the classic binary options first and then move on to 0-100 binary. It is only necessary to follow some assets both on the economic news and on the graphical representations of the prices. Don’t forget to apply analytical techniques to invest in the right assets at the right time.

The classic binary option

We find the classic offer in the binary option with the call/put. If you think the asset will rise within the time limit you put a call, if you think it will fall you put a put. AnyOption gives you the benefit of a return on loss in the event of bad trades. Thus for a profit of 55% you can achieve 25% return on loss while failure on a profit of 75% will only see 5% of the amount refunded.The classic binary option allows you to place a position from 25 euros for an average yield of 75%. Remember that even if the return seems lower on some options such as this one, you can still receive a partial refund.

It is a bit like scalping binary options with the ability to take a position and quickly resell it to AnyOption who will offer a price. The objective is to take a few euros right and left and finally end the day with a full scholarship.You can refuse the price and wait until you are in a better configuration by doing “Get a quote” while you are still in the official deadline. The

0-100 binaries

The 0-100 binaries options allow you to select an event that is in the form of an affirmation of the type :

  • The X option will end above the Y value at time Z.

If you buy and the asset ends up well above value in the right time frame, you can earn a more than attractive profit and up to 1000% (but in this case the risks are high).You can also decide to sell if you do not believe in the event. You earn a profit on the selling price, but in case of loss it is the difference between the price and 100 that is lost.

One touch

The One touch is quite common among brokers. Here the trader will determine whether or not the asset will receive a limit. During the delay, the option is validated if the course touches the level at least once. Here all the elements are known in advance by the trader, delays, profits or losses.This option is available on specific assets and only during weekends.

The long term

The long term option takes up the principle of the classic binary option with the difference that here you will let your assets run for several weeks and even up to a year! This option can reach 380 and more rarely 1000% for profits

Bitcoin, the of the long term:

The long term option gives the opportunity to process the digital currency Bitcoin as a pair with the USD

AnyOption Bubbles

A new way to trade binary options appears at AnyOption. Bubbles is a graphical representation of the price evolution on which you will be able to place a bubble that will define your position. If the price curve touches the bubble you win the position. On the other hand, you lose if you have not reached your goal.By placing the bubble corresponding to your position, you can define its size and thus play on the percentage of risk and therefore see the profit increase or decrease according to your strategy. AnyOption Bubbles is more graphic and more fun. We must not forget that this is about money and that there is no question of betting blindly. Accompany your decisions with good money management because the Bubbles option can quickly become addictive.

A significant return on loss and variable profitsThe

return on loss will not totally replace the amount lost but it is in the interest of existing. Not all of them offer to benefit from a return on loss for trades. It is here that AnyOption offers us a little something extra when things are not going in the right direction. You can also change your profit on a classic binary option by changing the profit percentage. So you can choose to take more or less risk.

AnyOption Live

The Live data of AnyOption provides you with trading information from other traders. This is actually a copy trading solution for binary options. You will also be able to consult information on the trading trends of an asset at AnyOption. Expiry information is also available through Reuters’ service, which provides real-time asset quotes on the markets.

The Take Profit

AnyOption can offer you during a trade the take profit. The broker allows you to lock the result and receive the proposed premium before maturity. The Take Profit can appear 15 minutes before the end of the expiry date and for a period of 5 minutes.

Roll Forward

Like Take Profit, you can change the layout of your position here by postponing the expiry date of your asset to a shorter term. The system is similar to Take Profit, depending on the asset you will be notified within 15 minutes before the expiry of the possibility to use Roll Forward.

Bonus conditions

As you know, the bonus is the promotional point put forward by brokers to seduce but in some cases it is better to refuse it. With AnyOption you must use your bonus within 3 months, after that it is withdrawn from your account. Regarding the withdrawal you will need to have traded at least 15 times the amount of the profit. I’ll let you judge this offer, which is not the worst either. If you are a beginner, refuse the bonus!

Deposits and withdrawals

There are many solutions for deposits and withdrawals. So in both cases you can either use:

  • a credit card
  • a bank transfer
  • Skrill for the deposit

You can of course register for free on AnyOption and deposit your money later. The withdrawal must be at least equal to the minimum amount paid in your country. If this is not the case, AnyOption will apply additional fees

Ideal for beginner traders

no download required. The platform has been developed to accommodate traders of all levels. Even novices can get started. AnyOption also offers training for those new to binary option trading.Various eBooks and videos are available. You will discover the basics of binary options and then advanced courses. Concerning the different options, AnyOption also offers video tutorials. Experts also remain at the disposal of clients to guide them in their investment. Finally, AnyOption offers a blog that deciphers the movements of assets day after day and also provides you with economic news and other useful information for your fundamental analysis. AnyOption’s Great Plus

Demo account

is to offer you its demo platform to introduce you to its tools. This demo account is available after registration and without deposit. This platform is ideal for a beginner who wants to familiarize himself with online trading of binary options.

Mobile trading

AnyOption needed to have its mobile trading solution with its applications for Android or IOS. Whether you are on a smartphone or tablet, you can access your assets from anywhere. He was one of the first to offer this service. According to the broker, 40% of its traders regularly use mobile trading

A regulated brokerAnyOption

was launched in 2008 and complies with the rules imposed by the FSA (UK) and CySEC. Since 2013, the platform has also been officially recognised by the AMF (registered with Regafi) and the Banque de France, which is a strong indication of its seriousness. AnyOption’s headquarters are located in Cyprus. If you want to know more about binary option traders, find our test on OptionWeb