Binary Mathex Review: scam or trading robot that works?


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Binary Mathex is one of the most popular trading robots on the market. Its automatic trading system is particularly popular with beginners, who no longer have to develop strategies to launch investments. Mathex technology takes care of everything to generate profits. But does it really work? What if it’s a scam? To find out for sure, discover our test on this robot:

Binary Mathex: Developed by experts

Traders can be reassured as to the origin and design of Binary Mathex. This trading robot was designed by expert developers, based on the method of Mostafa Belkhayate, who is the world champion of the stock exchange in 1999. For more than 4 years now, this software specialized in binary options has been used by many traders around the world. Although banned in the United States, Binary Mathex claims more than 20,000 regular users in Europe, where it is legally recognized. With such statements we do not yet know whether we should have confidence.

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Binary Mathex: A demo version to start

Binary Mathex offers a demo version for those who are new to the tool. Valid for one year, this version is free, but requires a minimum deposit of €200 on OptionWeb to open transactions. The gains with the demo are real, but are limited to €10,000. Beyond that, the trader must then switch to the full version in order to continue using it. It must be said, however, that the full version of the Binary Mathex is quite expensive, amounting to €7,490. However, with this tool, the trader has unlimited use.

binary mathex

Binary Mathex: How does the software work?

binary mathex promise
Results that only concern Binary Mathex

Binary Mathex software is compatible with all versions of iOS Mac and Windows. It comes with a certificate of conformity (which in itself is of no use to us), thus guaranteeing the security of the computer. As a “Click and go” application, the software does not require a complex installation. To use it, simply double-click on the launch icon and enter the login details to connect. The’On’ button will then turn on the software and, as soon as the 3 LEDs are green, the trading robot will work independently. To stop it, simply click on’Off’. On the platform, you can find practical guides on how to use the software and, as an added bonus, a customer service department is also available to provide advice.

Binary Mathex: What guarantee of gain?

Of course, as in any trading, there are always risks of loss. Nevertheless, the BinaryMathex robot uses a precise algorithm, based on the technique of champion Mostafa Belkhayate, to carry out the transactions. However, the performance of the software depends on various factors, including market movements, the instrument traded, or the trading period. There is no guarantee of absolute profit, however, it must be acknowledged that many traders were able to make profits with this tool but it would seem that these profits are low. Binary Mathex does not hesitate to publish the results of its transactions on its website. Both gains and losses are displayed in a transparent manner.

result of the day binary mathex
Today more losses than gains on Binary Mathex

Our review

Binary Mathex is a software entirely legal in Europe but prohibited in the USA. The brand does not hide this and displays it on the homepage of its site. Binary Mathex is well known and it is normal: today it is one of the most powerful robots on the market.
If you want to trade markets with automatic software, the editorial team advises you to use Binary Mathex for its seriousness, transparency and advanced technology.