Coinbase Review: The best and most popular platform of the moment?

Coinbase in brief


Coinbase is one of the best cryptocurrency buy/sell platforms available on the web today. Its platform is very intuitive and easy to use and will appeal to beginners as well as experts in the discipline If you are looking for a reliable and financially solid platform, Coinbase will meet all your expectations.

Buy Bitcoins on CoinBase

Once the decision has been made to invest in crypto currencies, everyone asks the same question: where can I buy them? It’s very simple: just go to the crypto-currency referent page (our detailed comparison) to know everything about all platforms and especially how to buy Bitcoins. Coinbase review is one of the top platforms to date!

Coinbase is intended to be THE gateway to crypto-currencies for a beginner. The company was founded in 2012 in San Francisco (United States) and is accessible in 190 countries. In January 2018, Coinbase had more than 10 million users (source: That’s not nothing! With the explosion of cryptocurrency in recent months, it is absolutely certain that this figure is constantly increasing.

Ultra secure, it no longer has to prove itself. Registration takes only a few minutes and the interface is easy to understand and use.

Here, once your account has been verified, you can buy your cryptocurrency directly with your credit card or by bank transfer.

The other side of the coin? The fees applied by Coinbase are relatively high and the available crypto-currency catalogue is limited to these big names: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and the latest arrival Bitcoin Cash.

CoinbaseWithdrawals, deposits, fees, commissions, All about trading on Coinbase

Coinbase Review


Step 1: Registration

To use the platform, you must first register.

It’s easy: once you get to it, just click on “Register” at the top right

Then, follow the instructions and fill in the requested information: Name, First name, E-mail….

Be careful to choose a secure and unique password!

Buy Bitcoins on Coinbase

Step 2: Securing

The association of your Coinbase account with a telephone number is not mandatory but greatly increases security. Indeed, each time you try to connect or make a transaction, a unique code will be sent to you by sms. That’s pretty reassuring.

Don’t forget to check your identity to validate your account. It requires taking good quality photos of an identity document. It is the KYC: Know Your Customer policy that prevents identity theft, money laundering and financial fraud: an additional guarantee of security for you and them.

Step 3: How to fund your account

Two possibilities, both secure, are available to you:

  • Buy and pay with a credit card instantly
  • Buy and pay by SEPA bank transfer

If you wish to use your credit card, click on the required cryptography and choose this payment method.

If you wish to make a transfer, you will need to register your bank account in your Coinbase profile and wait for it to be verified. Once the verification is complete, it will take a few days for the transferred money to arrive and be processed by the platform.

To convert your Euros into crypto currency, it’s very simple: go to the “Buy/Sell” tab, choose your payment method, and proceed to the transaction.

The portfolio associated with your crypto currencies is now credited.

To sell crypto-currencies, proceed in the opposite direction.

Buy Bitcoins on Coinbase


Registration to Coinbase is completely free of charge.

As announced above, transaction costs are quite high.

The table below is a summary of the fees applied for an EU resident.

Coinbase Fee Table

Each purchase/sale is taxed at 1.49%.

If you want to buy cryptos with a credit card, the fee is 3.99%.

By bank transfer, it will be free (but longer, and will require an additional check: that of your bank account).


With its minimalist design, it is easy to find your way around the different tabs.

The necessary information is displayed in a few clicks:

– The Dashboard groups the different cryptocurrency rates available on the site,

Dashboard Coinbase Review

– The Buy / Sell tab is where you do your transactions,

Purchase BTC coinbase review

– The Accounts tab is a summary of your portfolios.

Coinbase review: What users think about it

Apart from the somewhat high costs, what is wrong with Coinbase?

This is the #1 recommended portfolio for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash: practical, efficient and intuitive.

As a good beginner, this is one of the necessary passages to enter the world of crypto-currencies.

What about the Coinbase application on Smartphone?

A few months ago, she was still browsing the Apple Store, but since the recent media coverage of the Bitcoin, she is now at the top of the list.

Linked to your Coinbase account, everything is present: buying, selling, viewing live prices, the content of your portfolios, adding price alerts (to warn you in case of a sudden change in a price).

There have been some recent interruptions of the application due most certainly to the increase in its popularity. The dedicated team took this issue very seriously to improve performance and fix bugs.

Coinbase Review


The Coinbase platform has established itself in a very short time as the leader in the purchase / sale of crypto-currencies from fiat currencies. It fulfils its role perfectly.

Unfortunately for all customers, the rapid success of Coinbase has led to some inconveniences: the platform is sometimes unavailable during sudden price changes (up and down). Do the servers seem to have trouble keeping up with the pace?

Buy Bitcoins on CoinBase