CopyToWin Review: a Binary Option Trading Bot


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Although brokers are offering increasingly simple solutions, trading decisions are sometimes difficult. Different factors can influence the results of a trade and it is necessary to have a certain control to be able to make profits. Thus, in order to facilitate their task, some novice traders prefer to use automatic trading tools. In particular, the new CopyToWin platform is beginning to attract traders’ interest. But what about its reliability? Here is the test:

CopyToWin: To copy the best

If CopyToWin is still only a small community, it is already starting to make noise in the trading market. This automatic trading tool owes its success to an exceptional concept, which consists in “copying the best”. The service offered is such that beginners can skip the learning and technical analysis stage, to directly copy the investments of professionals. The list of the best trades is provided on the site and they just have to click to make profits. Earnings range from 32% to 76%, depending on the strategies applied and the assets chosen by traders.

copytowin trading
Copytowin a white label of investocopy?

CopyToWin: Unlimited use

CopyToWin is different from other trading tools because it is completely free of charge. Indeed, no payment is required to become a member of the platform and, as a bonus, new site members can use a demo account with $500 offered. This account then allows you to test the platform for a first time, before switching to real trading. But, of course, it is necessary to make a first deposit with the broker in order to be able to open transactions, the amount of which depends on the conditions applied by the operator. CopyToWin is usable in unlimited ways, both in terms of time and in terms of savings. In addition to the demo account that allows you to test the effectiveness of the tool, traders’ testimonials are published on the site.

CopyToWin: The steps to follow

Registration on CopyToWin is done in only 2 minutes, by filling out the form available on the site. Surprisingly, you will notice that you are on a platform called Investocopy. Once a member of the platform, the trader can then choose to test with the demo account or start trading immediately. In the latter case, he must then link his CopyToWin account to the trading account he has subscribed to with a broker. If the trader has not yet opened an account, CopyToWin suggests what it calls the “broker of the moment”. Among other things, the trader can choose OptionWeb, which is one of the platform’s favorites

Our review

Even if it is quite recent on the market, launched in 2014, it must be recognized that CopyToWin offers various advantages to traders. It is an easy-to-use trading tool that allows you to trade with regulated brokers such as OptionWeb, which this robot recommends. Beginners will inevitably find their share of happiness there, but mistrust, it is better to train beforehand. But, although automatic trading can be profitable at first, the use of this type of system is not always so satisfactory in the long term. The best advice is to launch trades manually, especially since trading training is now very easy to access. Of course, don’t take your results into account on the demo platform, several testimonials show gains in demo mode and losses as soon as you switch to real trading. Strange…. Finally, as mentioned above, the platform is not called CopyToWin but Investocopy whose offer can be found on the Internet or our review by following this link.