Invest in diamonds: A safe and profitable investment? Our review on DiamondPrivilege

In these times when interest rates on bank investments are very low and stock market investments are more than risky, investment diamonds offer all the advantages of a safe and profitable investment.

The current situation offers very promising prospects for investors who choose to diversify their investment in diamonds. Indeed, the gemstone is currently considered as the reference safe harbour value.

Diamond Privilege supports you step by step with an easy-to-use online buying and selling platform that offers all the security guarantees for high transactions on products that require increased monitoring.

Very encouraging performance prospects

The investment diamond sector is now becoming enormously valuable due to its very favourable outlook.

Due to very simple economic mechanisms, the tension between supply and demand, we have seen for a little over 20 years a constant and positive evolution of the diamond price. World demand has gradually increased under the pressure of rising demand in some countries such as Russia, China and India.

On the other hand, the supply has not progressed as quickly. As a result, the price of diamonds continues to rise and, according to forecasts for the coming years, it will continue to rise sharply, to the delight of investors.

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Diamond Privilege: reference broker for professionals and individuals alike

invest in diamonds with diamondprivilegeThanks to its professionalism, rigour and customer service attentive to investors’ expectations, Diamond Privilege has established itself as a key player in the online brokerage platform sector.

Indeed, Diamond Privilege’s experts have been able to make available to their clients all customers to understand the ins and outs of the investment diamond market, buying and selling in just a few clicks.

In addition, the company offers a very wide choice of diamond references from which customers can choose the one or ones that best match their resources but also their performance expectations.

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Invest via Diamond Privilege and benefit from very advantageous taxation

customer review diamond privilegeIn France, investment diamonds are part of the tax category of works of art and are a very low-tax investment. Normal VAT applies. However, a product that is stored in a free zone, which is the case when you buy a diamond with DiamondPrivilege, is exempt from VAT.

With regard to capital gains tax on resale, the seller has two options. It is possible to pay 6.5% of the value of the product at the time of sale or 34.5% of the amount of the capital gain, knowing that this percentage is decreasing over the years.

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Our review on DiamondPrivilege offers its services in the field of investment in diamonds, a precious stone that is a sure value. Buying diamonds means being sure to make an excellent investment in a context where the number of potential buyers is constantly increasing while world production remains the same with a downward trend. operational for more than 10 years

For more than 10 years now, Diamond Privilege has been offering its services to individuals wishing to invest in one of the most precious stones (if not the most precious of all): diamonds. An entire team is now dedicated to the operator’s customers, providing all the assistance they may need in their investment processes.

Diamond Privilege offers comprehensive recommendations that take into account each investor’s profile, ensuring that everyone can maximize their earnings. In any case, all customers benefit from guaranteed security by relying on this operator. Indeed, Diamond Privilege provides the assurance of a reliable process: transactions are carried out in a transparent manner, in strict compliance with the requirements and security standards in force.

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Investing in a valuable asset

invest to prepare for retirement

Relying on Diamond Privilege means giving yourself the opportunity to invest in a high value asset, an investment that has a future. Diamonds are indeed a precious stone that has always fascinated. Over the centuries, many people have dreamed of touching one and, why not, owning one.

If we look at the pecuniary interest, diamonds are a product that is becoming scarce. Today, new mines are rare and it is impossible to produce them artificially. According to experts, it is quite possible that mine performance will peak within the next 15 years. At the same time, demand will still continue to increase, by about 7% per year.

And even if the diamond is generally materialized by a stone of rather modest dimensions, it is still a most precious good. Indeed, even the smallest pure diamond can be worth a real fortune. For example, a diamond of only 0.2 grams (which corresponds to one carat) has the same value as one kilogram of gold.

And given the growing demand for diamonds, their value is likely to increase in the coming years. This increase will continue until land resources are exhausted, a situation that is expected to occur in about 20 years.

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How to invest in diamonds with Diamond Privilege?

To invest in the safe value of diamonds, interested parties can rely on the services of Diamond Privilege. The operator provides an ergonomic platform, offering a pleasant follow-up while being easy to handle. Security is not to be outdone and all exchanges and transactions carried out on the site remain completely confidentialsave to make it grow

It should be noted that clients can go to the specially set up section to connect them with renowned specialists in the profession. They are happy to answer questions about investing in diamonds.

In order to reach a wide range of investors, Diamond Privilege offers prices so that as many interested parties as possible can benefit from investing in diamonds. Those wishing to enter this sector can contact the operator, in particular through its website to find out whether the transactions are feasible and, above all, whether they are of interest to the investor.

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A team of specialists at the service of investors

Behind Diamond Privilege is a team of former traders specialising in precious materials. They are professionals who know and control the investment in this precious stone very well. All around this team, there are other specialists, including diamond experts, traders, cutters, not to mention tax and finance specialists. Diamond Privilege’s clients thus benefit from the skills and know-how of a multidisciplinary team. They are confident that they will receive satisfactory and constructive answers.

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Possibility of sponsorship

Diamond Privilege has set up a sponsorship program through which its customers can access various benefits, just by recommending the brand to others, whether they are friends, family or business contacts. To take advantage of this program, simply invite new people to register on the Diamond Privilege platform.

In short: a reliable operator

diamond in a safeDiamond Privilege is an operator that offers complete services to those who wish to invest in diamonds. He offers his know-how and expertise in this field so that his clients can make successful investments under the best possible conditions. This actor ensures that investors can increase their capital through paid investments in diamonds.

A multidisciplinary team of specialists takes charge of each project and is available to answer investors’ various questions. In addition to investment advice, Diamond Privilege advises its clients on tax and estate matters. The operator is present at each stage of the project, from the purchase to the various operations.

With Diamond Privilege, the customer benefits from permanent support and everything is done to ensure that the investments made in diamonds are profitable. For this purpose, the specificities of diamonds are taken into account, whether it is size, purity, colour or weight, thus meeting the 4C standards required in this field.

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DiamondPrivilege review

In a nutshell

In a safe investment with an excellent annual return of 8% and a low risk, physical diamond is now an investment to consider in order to diversify its portfolio and risk. DiamondPrivilege, now the leader in France for 10 years, is a reliable site for all those who want to save with a good annual profitability while being able to see or collect their diamonds in Luxembourg.