Our review on IG Markets, leader in the French Forex market

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In short

IG is a broker specialized in CFDs. It offers some of the lowest spreads on the market. The broker is recognized worldwide with 40 years of history. It offers several trading solutions that can be adapted to customer requirements. The broker has a dealing desk and no dealing desk offer. Training and information, responsiveness and scalping, IG is clearly a leader in this field.

Even if the broker claims to be accessible to beginners, his offer will be more interesting to amateur and experienced traders. For novices, prefer first to study the fundamental concepts of trading before you start on the demo account.

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Founded in 1974 and based in the United Kingdom, IG Markets Limited has built a solid reputation since its foray into the world of online trading and can claim its number one position as a CFD broker with over 10,000 assets.

IG a regulated brokerIG

is regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom. He is therefore authorized to practice in France because the AMF follows the same regulations. The broker is registered with the Regafi of the ACPR Banque de France, which adds a guarantee for traders. IG has its own offices in Paris, located at 17 avenue George V in the 8th arrondissement.

Why choose IG Markets as a

IG Markets a gagné sa réputation internationale grâce à ses efforts et à ses activités diversifiées. Fort de plus de 40 d’expériences, c’est reliable broker. With a multidisciplinary team in the background, its platforms provide traders with the means and tools for fast and reliable transactions, offering the best costs, very competitive prices and spreads that are among the lowest on the market, and the prices mentioned on , in real time of course, are also very competitive at each level of financial transactions. IG Markets offers financial transactions based on stock market indices, currency pairs and equities. to summarise the broker’s assets include more than 90 Forex pairs, 8000 equities, more than 30 indices and 40 commodities. IG also provides access to additional assets via its L2 platform for DMA. The

CFD conditions on



offer three types of spreads depending on the market conditions. The typical spread of 1.5 corresponds to IG’s internal standard while the minimum spread is 0.8 points (for EUR/USD) if the underlying market shrinks: The

  • standard contract for 100,000 units of the first currency
  • The mini contract for 10,000 unitsMini


also offers mini contracts on underlying assets that allow you to trade products that are normally inaccessible. Thus, they can represent 10, 25 or 50% of the size of a standard contract.

CFD conditions on indices

Here the broker announces spreads from 0.1 point and processes a large part of the existing indices. We can see that the minimum spread is 1 point on the CAC40 index. The gain on a transaction based on a stock index depends mainly on price-weighted indices, and therefore on the most influential stock values. The gain will be proportional to the amount of the share. Invested capital has a significant capitalization weight and takes into consideration the average of the weighted index. The

CFD on


shares conditions

offer more than 7500 shares in CFD and DMA (see below our section on platforms). Trading is carried out at the actual share price without a spread. On the other hand, a small commission is charged when opening and closing the position. For their part, actions are very popular financial tools. This means that the decision to invest in equities must be carefully considered for an optimal return.

Trading on Bitcoin

The Bitcoin digital currency is of interest to the market but not all of them offer this product. IG offers you the opportunity to trade Bitcoin via currency pairs

Discover Bitcoin with IG

IGIG’s binary options

offer binary options to its traders. The expiration of an option can range from 60 seconds to one month. IG also offers to close its position before it expires, so it offers options:

  • classic, scale, one key, up-down, tunnel

IG also highlights the Sprint markets. This is a very short-term binary option. The position is from 25 euros with a return on investment of 70% to 90% in case of gains.IG is one of the few brokers to offer Bitcoin as an active ingredient. You can trade it with the scale option on IG, therefore, IG order execution is carried out quickly and at the best price without having to pay an additional spread, through CFD on shares. However, a low rate commission is charged on opening and closing transactions.

No bonus but a demoIG account

does not offer a bonus which is a good sign in our review. To attract more and more clients, the broker prefers to focus on innovation, customer support and tools to satisfy both beginners and professional traders.IG also offers a free demo trading account. To take advantage of it is simple, simply register on IG without depositing a single cent and you will benefit for two weeks from an IG trading demo account on MetaTrader 4

. documents to open an accountTo open

an account at IG, you will need to provide a valid ID, a proof of residence of less than 6 months and a RIB or other bank statements with your IBAN and BIC.

IGIG information and training

offers a wide range of information support. This way you will have real-time information on the markets with analyses but also economic news, trading ideas, a calendar. Many videos analyze the market on a daily basis, including market analysis, CFD trading training and tutorials for the platforms offered. These videos are available on IG’s website but you can also find them on the broker’s YouTube channel.IG also offers a training program to understand and learn the basics of trading and fundamental concepts. Personalized support is the best way to go. Here, there is no incentive to invest, it is a real support to introduce you to the trading platform, CFDs and the management of your account. IG Markets has set up a support system for its clients. This assistance, which is totally free of charge, is also individual. Free training courses online or at the platform’s premises are offered to traders. Advisors provide personalized assistance available 24 hours a day. To help investors to better trade, financial experts assist them in the analysis of transactions. For their part, stock prices, an important trading tool, are provided in real time, with the economic calendar, market observations and analyses.

ig markets tablet
The GI platform is also available on a shelf
Concrete examples, provided by financial experts, are demonstrated to traders to help them understand pricing concepts, financing fees, and insurance. IG Markets‘ helpdesk provides its clients with tools to learn how the markets work, how to invest in various stocks and how to take dividends into account, all of which can reassure traders to be on a reliable platform. It is for this reason that IG Markets, since April 2015, has become the leader in online CFD and Forex brokerage in France

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technology in support of IG Markets tradersDesignated with

a graphic charter, traders’ accounts, whether demo or real, are easily identifiable and accessible on IG Markets. It should also be noted that real-time visualization of available markets is possible on the graphs, as well as popular indicators. As a result, orders, stops and limits can be placed immediately from the graphs. The broker also offers the Autochartist tool but also Reuters news feeds.To enable these customers to better navigate the site, new updates and features are provided on a regular basis. That’s why IG Markets traders have annotation tools at their disposal and can add up the trend lines of their choice. The data can be printed, the graphs exported to allow traders to perform further analyses. A comparison of up to six markets is possible on these graphs. The triggering factors and the fluctuation of prices in connection make it possible to visualize the percentage or points in real time. IG offers several platforms and thus tools to its traders. Depending on your level and experience, you can even trade directly on the markets via order books.

Platforms for all levelsIG

offers several platform solutions:

Pro Real Time

This platform is the market leader in online trading solutions. In addition to its large number of indicators, ProRealTime has an automatic trading service: ProOrder. You can automate your trades, create strategies and place Stops, access to this solution and its tools is free but you will still have to place 4 orders in the month to avoid being penalized by a monthly fee of 30 euros.

The DMA (L2)



stands for Direct Market Access, a platform adapted to informed traders who wish to intervene on the markets directly via order books. This platform allows you to benefit from no dealing desk offers. This solution was initially reserved for the IG team, but you can access the various marketplaces with this tool, but beware of access fees. IG reimburses these fees for its most active traders. For more details, please consult the broker’s website.

The MetaTrader 4

No longer needs to present this platform than is offered by almost all Forex or CFD brokers. To use the MT4, you must download the software and install it on your computer to connect to it.

Terminals and APIIci

it is a question of proposing solutions for professionals with the possibility of trading via APIs or compatible terminals. These tools are designed for professional traders who want to use their own solutions to execute orders.

Order typesAll

the platforms offered offer different order types. ProRealTime offers classic orders:

  • Limits, guaranteed stops, following stops, market orders.

The L2 and MetaTrader 4 solutions offer additional order options for experienced traders only.

Leverage Effect Like

any cfd broker, IG proposes the use of leverage to try to multiply these gains. Be careful, the lever can also multiply your losses. This tool should be used with full knowledge of the factsthe different max. levers:equities: x10forex: x200indexes: x340 on the CAC40 index commodities:

x100Mobile applications even for Windows phone

Often forgotten by brokers, the Windows mobile system on phone or tablet benefits from its application with GI. A nice gesture while the majority of brokers only have Android and Iphone versions. As a result, IG has all the tools it needs to reach as many potential customers as possible.

IG available on the Apple Watch

IG does not waste time and follows the latest technological advances to offer its customers ever more solutions. It is only natural that the broker developed his trading tool on the Apple Watch. Notification of economic events, opening, modification or closing of a position, the application offers the basic tools to trade freely. for the moment this version of the application does not yet have stop orders and limits but the broker seems to want to include them in a V2

Discover all IG’s trading solutions

Risk prevention on IG Markets Although

IG Markets issues an offer of more than 10,000 securities, and is more than competitive on the stock market with its low-cost spreads and low hedges, traders should be well aware of the risks associated with these transactions. Price announcements, key macroeconomic data, including non-farm Payrolls, as well as retail indicators, have an impact on GI trading, and traders should be aware of this. It should also be noted that consumer confidence indicators are very important during transactions, and the presence of “guaranteed stops“, which is a risk management tool, provides optimal protection against losses. Set up only at the opening of the position, it is an important element during periods of high volatility to protect IG Markets traders. Through this tool, traders do not incur any losses. In addition, existing positions cannot support guaranteed stops, andstop loss is another tool available to IG Markets traders to ensure that the system closes automatically in the event of a risk of loss. Placed at the customer’s position at the opening, it can be integrated into an existing position, not through manual configuration at each trading level. However, this tool is not totally reliable, as the closing may not be carried out at the requested position level during the market gap, it should be noted that for traders, the interest adjustment fees for each investment are calculated on the interbank exchange rates. In the purchase position, the platform debits the account. For sales, the trader wins on the stock market. These interest rates vary from 0.5% to 3.5% depending on the position.

And much moreIG

publishes daily market analyses. It is a recognized player in trading and has been offering for 2 years now “The Night of Trading“, an exceptional event that brings together both individuals and trading professionals. An unmissable if you are in Ile de France.IG has the particularity of offering bonuses to its best traders to build their loyalty. Here the broker does not play against the trader but warns about the risks. He does not hide his operation as a Dealing Desk broker, which in this case gives him more freedom of action to offer the best offers to his clients. The Dealing Desk model is ideal for IG, which has a large customer base. As a result, it can cover its customers’ losses more easily and guarantee unbeatable prices. Conflict of interest is also one of the broker’s concerns. IG details the rules and conditions that may lead to conflicts of interest. IG’s interest is clear, it is not to be remunerated on customer losses but on small commissions before and after each transaction. Offering trading via DMA shows IG’s seriousness and proves that it follows the actual share prices. Ig allows scalping, a technique highly appreciated by day-traders.In


is the leader in CFDs in France. It also offers assets such as Bitcoin, which is not accessible everywhere. IG also guarantees direct market access. IG is also more than 10,000 stocks in indices, equities, forex, commodities and much more like bonds or IPOs with ultra-tight spreads. IG is also registered on the stock exchange, its group is a company that must respect the rules and standards in order to guarantee its capitalisation and the confidence of the markets and shareholders. In short, with IG Markets, the profitability of traders’ investment depends on their level. Although easy to use, traders are advised to constantly monitor their account at each opening for optimal performance

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