Libertex Review: What is this broker worth in 2022 ?

Libertex in brief


Libertex is an active trading platform since 1997. All its details suggest that it deserves the confidence of traders. Easy to use, excellent leverage, real-time trading signals, etc. are some of its strengths. Click here if you want to try the adventure of trading with Libertex.

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Online financial asset trading has become a profession that is well known and appreciated by Internet users. Both exciting and lucrative, many traders make a good living speculating on the assets available on stock markets around the world, but the only problem is finding a reliable, secure and easy to use trading platform. Fortunately, we do the online brokers tour for you! And today, we will talk in detail about Libertex to help you know if it is worth it or not.

Libertex: What is it?

Libertex is a contraction of the name Liberty Exchange. It is a broker already present on the market for 20 years already. Belonging to the multinational group Forex Club International Ltd, it was founded in 1997. It currently has no less than 2.2 million users worldwide. Its clients come from 110 countries around the world and it offers a total of 213 assets for trading. In addition to currencies, Libertex also trades metals, equities, indices, cryptomones, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), commodities (agriculture), gold (Gold) and oil and natural gas. 20 years of experience have already earned Libertex numerous awards. No less than 30 awards have been given by renowned institutions and financial magazines. In 2017 alone, he was named “Best Cryptomarketing Broker 2017” and “Best Trading Application 2017”. The company currently operates in 27 different countries and employs approximately 700 people.

Top-of-the-range security?

To continue this assessment of the quality of service provided by Libertex, let us now move on to its level of security. The Libertex trading platform places the security of its clients at the heart of its concerns. To do this, it ensures that it creates the right environment for your financial transactions, where transparency and user-friendliness prevail. In its 22 years of existence, Libertex has consistently praised its unparalleled security. So far, this trading platform has not yet been hit by a large-scale piracy operation. There has also been no history of ransomware or hacking known to the public to date.

Trade the top active players of the moment!

If you are a novice in online trading, it is only natural that you should feel shaken by the large number of assets on which you can invest and trade. Fortunately for you, there are brokers who have understood this concern and have developed a foolproof strategy to allow you to trade despite everything. Libertex is one of them with its list of the most popular assets of the moment. The list of current active tops allows you to choose the asset that interests you most and start trading immediately. Without wasting time analyzing and choosing them, they are ready to be exchanged immediately:

  • currency pairs GBP/USD (the pound sterling against the US dollar), EUR/USD (the euro against the US dollar), USD/CAD (the US dollar against the Canadian dollar), USD/JPY (the US dollar against the Japanese yen),
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash for cryptomones,
  • The gold,
  • The DAX,
  • The Dow Jones,
  • And Brent Crude Oil.

Please be aware that this list is constantly changing depending on which assets perform best in the market.

An excellent beginner’s trainingLibertex

does not only offer a beginner’s training on its platform. This broker also offers more advanced training for all its clients so that they can constantly improve. Its main objective is to ensure that its users can benefit in the best possible way, and the Libertex Training section is accessible even to non-subscribers. It can be found directly on the main menu. It is, in fact, composed of articles with videos. These tutorials and tutorials explain everything you need to know about online trading from the most basic to the most important. In addition to the training section itself, this trading platform also keeps you informed of the latest news on the global economy. It informs you about all the latest news that may or may not have a direct impact on the price of your favourite assets. These news even guide you on the assets that are the trend of the moment. In short, he really wants your negotiations to be profitable.

What accounts can be opened with this broker?

The Liberty Exchange broker (Libertex) offers different types of accounts for its users. First of all, there is the demo account or the account with the fictitious money to familiarize yourself with the platform’s trading tool. Ideal for beginners, Libertex’s demo account comes with an imaginary $5,000. Just like a real account, this account has no limits in terms of the possible negotiations to be made with this broker. It allows you to develop your investment strategy and withdrawal tactics. You can even stay in the demo account indefinitely by depositing the minimum amount required to open a real account, $10. You will have understood this: the demo account can be transformed into a real account at any time by depositing the modest amount of $10 into your account. However, this is not recommended at all since this broker limits open positions to only 10% of your maximum deposit. There are several levels for the real account, 6 levels in total, including Silver, Exclusive and Platinum depending on your initial deposit. You need at least $5,000 on sale to qualify for Platinum status. Note that with a real account, you are entitled to all Libertex services including:

  • direct access to a senior analyst,
  • obtaining a personal account manager,
  • And more advantageous withdrawal conditions.

Libertex Regulation First and foremost

, Liberty Exchange is registered with Cysec or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. In other words, it meets the current safety standards imposed in the European Union. French and French-speaking traders should therefore not fear anything at all in terms of the security of their financial transactions with this broker, as Cysec has become more rigorous in its role in recent years and this is a real guarantee of security for negotiators using Libertex. In addition, all the financial service providers it regulates must necessarily have a substantial operating fund in order to be able to carry out their clients’ financial transactions. in addition to Cysec, Libertex is also among the members of Finacom or the Finance Commission. This independent service positions itself as a superior authority for resolving disputes between traders and brokers. You can therefore turn to him if you have a problem with Libertex. You still have the option of the Investor Compensation Fund, which may require compensation in the event of Libertex’s inability to repay.

LibertexLibertex-style deposit and withdrawal option

offers several options for depositing your fund into your account. You can choose between bank transfer or credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. Of course, if you do not want to disclose your personal data, there is still a lot of choice between WebMoney, QIWI, GiroPay, iDeal, Sofort, Przelewy24, Multibanco and Yandex Money. Please note that this broker operates exclusively in dollars. However, you do not need to convert your local currency, as this is done automatically once the amount has been transferred to your account. The options available to you for withdrawing your funds from Libertex are the same as those available on deposit. If your account becomes inactive (with no trading recorded in the last 180 days), Libertex will retain 2% of its fund when you try to withdraw money from it. This is unless it has a balance of more than $10,000.

What about the commission?

Libertex does not gain any difference in transaction costs. On the other hand, you pay a commission to this broker on each of your positions, an expense called “trading fees” by the broker himself. Basically, it holds $0.05 per $1,000 of position. This seems insignificant at first glance, but it should be remembered that Libertex also takes into account the leverage effect chosen. An open position of $1,000 with a leverage of 10X will therefore be charged at $0.5 and not $0.05. Some assets also generate additional fees:

  • 0.356% for Natural Gas,
  • 0.039% for Brent Crude Oil,
  • 0.018% for the EUR/GPB,
  • 0.011% for the Dow Jones,
  • 0.005% for EUR/USD and DAX,
  • 0.004% for USD/JPY and EUR/CHF,
  • 0.003% for gold (Gold),
  • And 0.001% for USD/CHF.

An application that will follow you everywhereLibertex

has understood the place of mobile devices in our daily lives today. Thus, this broker tries to be present everywhere by offering several downloadable applications on smartphones, tablets and phablettes of all kinds. Its mobile applications can be downloaded free of charge from your usual application marketplace (Google Play or the App Store). They have a sleek and darkened design so as not to tire your eyes during trading sessions on its platform. Of course, the most important buttons have been highlighted and are very distinctive:

  • The green to buy,
  • And the red one for Selling.
It is not for nothing that its application won the prize for “Best European Union negotiating application in 2016” and “Best negotiating application in 2017”.

Why Libertex can be the right trading site for you?

Libertex is a name already known in the field of online trading. He has over twenty years of experience in online asset trading and joins the Forex Club Group, above all his interface has been specially designed to make your trading pleasant. You therefore avoid your eyes from the blue rays emitted by your computer screen. In addition, it is very intuitive to allow you to launch each operation at the right time, and this broker provides you with several analysis tools to help you make the best possible decision. And he pushes you to constantly improve yourself through the content of his training.

Libertex Review: What you can learn from itOver

2 million traders around the world have already trusted Libertex, so why not you? It is a regulated and authorised broker throughout Europe. It is committed to the security of its users’ transactions and offers them several ways to deposit and withdraw. In addition, it is the cheapest broker at the moment with a minimum deposit of only $10. Beginner, amateur and professional traders can rely on him perfectly well.

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