Our review on Options Click, a regulated broker throughout Europe

Our review

In a nutshell

Options Click is an average broker, good but not excellent, yet it offers a good return on investment and interesting positions, but it still needs to improve its customer service and especially on withdrawals. This last point is perhaps the most important. Reviews are divided, which is why Options Click manages with a score of 3 out of 5 without benefiting from our label MassLib.

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Stock market and online financial investments, as well as remunerated investment sites, are in high demand. Online trading is increasingly popular with investors who want to invest their money wisely. To respond to this craze, many specialized sites are emerging. Existing since 2011, Options Click is one of them and this online broker is classified in the category of trusted operators.

Click Options

If online stock exchange investments are currently becoming increasingly popular with investors, this is also the reason for Options Click, as a site for placing online binary options financial services.

In concrete terms, Options Click is a subsidiary of Lead Capital Markets Ltd. Approved and regulated by CySEC and all regulatory authorities, this brokerage firm uses new technology provided by Tech Financial to provide optimal services to online binary option traders.

It is a group of financial professionals operating legally within the European Union and is listed with the European financial market regulatory authorities. Available to European investors, the investments are also aimed at residents of the United Kingdom.
The parent company applies the regulatory guidelines that are adopted to ensure transparency of actions, protecting customers from any scams.

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The operation of Click Options

Options Click is an online brokerage site that allows you to invest in various assets: currencies, commodities, stock market indices, stocks or stocks. Investments are made via binary options.

To better immerse themselves in this world, traders can ask for help from French-speaking advisors who are at their entire disposal. Always attentive, the manager and a team of assistants are available to answer questions from each trader, whatever his level.

As is the case in all binary options markets, it is necessary to make an initial deposit in order to launch. This first payment must be at least 200 euros. However, transactions can be made in options ranging from 10 to 1,000 euros. It should also be noted that this deposit allows the trader to earn a bonus of 20% to 100%, depending on the amount deposited. On Click Options, 7 stocks, 9 currency pairs, 5 stock indices, and 2 commodities can be traded by the trader, through binary options.

This platform serves as a cash management and guarantee manager for its clients. As such, it holds and administers financial instruments for its clients, and is responsible for custody and other related services. An investor can obtain credits or loans when trading in financial instruments involving Click Options. Sometimes it also becomes a foreign exchange service when the service performed is linked to the investment service.

In all cases, Options Click permanently provides traders with teams of professionals to guide them and ensure the smooth running of online trading. All new technology is used for customer technical support: free phone, online chat, email.

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The advantages of Click Options

Platform available for investments whose expiration time can occur every quarter of an hour, half hour or every hour, it allows to optimize investments and reap the maximum profits. The rate of return is an important factor in the binary options market, and Options Click is one of the few sites where it is possible to obtain up to 85% profit per trade, or even more.

Easy to use broker, Click Options offers traders the option of adopting different digital or High / Low options, Range or zone options, and Above / Below options. If there is any doubt about the success of the transaction, another advantage of this platform is the ability to cancel the transaction before it expires, through the Close option.

Options Click offers, in any case, an opportunity for traders of all categories to experiment with the placement of binary options. It is ideal for receiving and transmitting orders for financial stocks, but also allows orders to be executed on behalf of clients online.

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The withdrawal of winnings on Click Options is made at the beginning by a monthly withdrawal, the minimum amount of which must be 100 euros, for the first withdrawal. After the winnings can be cashed out in installments of 30 euros. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card. There are also Visa, Master Card, American Express, Skrill, Neteller: these are all authorized deposit options. These various payment methods are part of the interest of investing on the platform.

Finally, Options Click stands out from other platforms thanks to its ease of use. Both simple and flexible, the platform offers a market of binary options accessible even to beginners. Whether you are new, average or experienced, everyone can make as many transactions and enjoy the benefits online. The offers can be adapted to all levels, and meet the needs of all. Everyone can invest at their own pace, according to their financial capabilities and their understanding of the market.

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Protection of Click Options customers

Thanks to the CySEC approval granted to Options Click, traders do not have to worry since this supervisory and regulatory authority ensures the security of the financial markets. Submitted to the investment services of Cyprus, the Click Options license is governed by the regulated markets under the 2007 law and complies with the requirements of the European Parliament Financial Equity Markets or MiFID. However, investors enjoy a very high level of security, in compliance with current regulations.

ESMA is also present to help strengthen the protection of Click Options investors. This independent institution has set up a single rule book for the smooth conduct of financial transactions within the European Union. In line with this, it is the supervisory structure of financial service companies, the active coordinator and the direct supervisor of the national territory.

mobile app optionsclicksDespite the fierce competition in the online brokerage market, the optimal security of clients and easy access tools have enabled it to gain a leading position in binary option trading.

Its reputation is well established, thanks to its practical information, available online, and helping traders, even beginners, to learn step by step in the world of financial markets. Of course, these are not placement training courses, but the information is well classified to allow visitors to find each other and manage their accounts. At the same time, these data contribute to the application of the new methodology for financial transactions of binary options.

In summary, Options Click is a legal broker, using the new online technology for financial investments. In addition, this entity can boast of the operators regulated by MiFID, an organization that harmonizes the regulation of financial services by promoting competition and consumer protection.

Finally, competition in the online binary options markets exists, but Options Click is one of the safest and most reliable investment and investment platforms. And its trading platform is easy to use and accessible to all investors at all levels. Be careful, however, because we are talking about the platform and not the Click Options guarantees. Because even though this broker is regulated in Europe and France, many brokers have complained about withdrawal times and the consequent need for customer service.

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