Paymium Review: The first European cryptocurrency exchange platform

Paymium was the first European crypto platform. Having been created in 2011, the company is located in Paris. This French trading platform allows you to buy Bitcoin, but also to sell it. In addition to exchanging the euro for Bitcoin and vice versa, this site also allows you to send this cryptomonnaise by e-mail.

Paymium in Brief


Paymium is one of the top platforms for buying and selling Bitcoin or Ether. It is the very first cryptocurrency platform in Europe, it is trustworthy and all its users are greatly satisfied with it. If you are looking for a reliable and financially solid broker, Paymium will meet all your expectations.

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Paymium: How does it work?

Step 1: Registration

To register for Paymium, you must go to the website Https:/// At the top right is the “Register” button. Click on it and enter all the required information. Choose to open an “Individual” or “Merchant or Professional” account, depending on your situation. After the greeting that applies to you (Mr. or Mrs.), give your full name, an e-mail address and a password to be confirmed in the last field. Tick the box below to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Use. Confirm that you are not a robot before clicking on “Next”. After confirming your email, you must provide your phone number for further verification before verifying your identity. The site also asks you for your postal address, a proof of residence such as a telephone bill and your C.N.I. It will take up to 2 days to obtain the identity verification.

Paymium review, Bitcoin price, buy Bitcoin

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Step 2: Securing

Paymium is safe for European users. Indeed, it is the first site of its kind to comply with European laws on payment services. There is no risk of losing your fund, as it remains in your virtual portfolio. In addition, all Bitcoins deposited are kept “cold”. In other words, they are not located directly on the company’s servers. Private keys are distributed all over the world in bank vaults.

Paymium review, Bitcoin price, buy Bitcoin

Step 3: How to fund your account

To make a deposit on Paymium, you have the choice between a SEPA bank transfer, a virtual Bitcoin portfolio or a credit card. However, the latter does not allow a withdrawal to be made. For this operation, the site only offers SEPA bank transfer and Bitcoin. A SEPA credit transfer usually takes 2 to 3 days, while withdrawals via this option take much longer, up to 5 days. Each SEPA transfer to the Paymium account must include the account number, which is indicated in a series of letters and numbers (PM-UXXXXXXXXXX).

Paymium: How much does it cost?

Buying Bitcoin on the Paymium crypto platform generates a commission of 0.59%. It is also the commission of the platform for the sale.

Please note that deposits by SEPA bank transfer or Bitcoin directly are completely free of charge on Paymium. However, if you use a credit or debit card, the site will take 8%.

Withdrawal by Bitcoin is also free of charge. However, to withdraw money by bank transfer, the site charges 0.99 euro.

It must be said that its rates are among the cheapest on the market to date.

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Paymium: How is it used?

To buy Bitcoin on Paymium, go to the “My Account” menu, then “Buy Bitcoins”. The trading platform offers deposit options to choose from according to your wishes. The site gives you the choice between 50 euros, 100 euros and 250 euros with the current Bitcoin price below. Alternatively, you can set the desired amount in the box below. The corresponding course will be displayed next to it. Now click on “Continue”, then fill in the information on your card and validate. Once your account has cryptodevise, you can always sell it by going to the “My Account” menu, then “Sell Bitcoins”.

For advanced trading on this crypto platform, go to the “Exchange” section, then “Trading Interface”. On this page, the user can buy or sell Bitcoin according to the fluctuations of its price. Moreover, it is displayed in the 3rd window of this interface. Here, two options are available to him:

  • the “limit” option to place an order with a predefined value. It does not pass until the price reaches this value.
  • the “market” option to place an order based on the Bitcoin prices of the market.

There is also a section for “Buy Bitcoins (advanced)” to be able to buy only with all the graphics in sight, without forgetting “Sell Bitcoins (advanced)”.

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Paymium review, Bitcoin price, buy Bitcoin

Customer reviews

Reviews on the Paymium platform are increasingly mixed between 2016 and now. Many say that this platform is no longer operational, because its customer support no longer responds to any requests. Indeed, it takes up to 5 days to respond to user requests. However, Paymium remains a reliable and reliable platform for cryptocurrency trading.

What about the Paymium application on smartphones?

The Paymium application is available for Android and iOS devices. It shows the Bitcoin price in real time. It allows you to buy or sell in classic or advanced mode. It sends notifications when the market changes price.

However, some users complain that the app locks automatically from time to time making it impossible to perform any operations. And at that point, the fact that the lack of responsiveness of customer support makes things even worse.


Paymium is a good crypto platform for computer trading. Avoid using his application to avoid being confronted with his very slow customer support.

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