Our review and test of the binary options broker Stock Pair

Our review

In a nutshell

Stock Pair is a good binary option broker. We can note that the broker offers a good return but especially trading with the Pairs and Kiko options. Even if it has a demo account, Stock Pair does not offer training but a guide on its website to discover the binary options. A quality broker if you want to get out of the traditional options.

Start trading Pairs options with Stock Pair

A financial transaction platform founded in 2010, Stock Pair is gaining in popularity in the stock market field. Offering a multitude of services to its clients, this broker stands out for the innovation it has been able to offer to investors.

A subsidiary of the global Nextrade Worldwide Ltd group, Stock Pair is an online binary options trading site based in Cyprus.

Stock Pair, for profitable investments

As part of its commitment to providing the best binary option trading services, Stock Pair brings together traders based in more than 100 countries around the world. Beginners or experienced, the site is aimed at investors of all levels, with a patented pricing engine.

As a result, cost transparency is guaranteed, with real-time accuracy. Made up of a team of professionals in the fields of finance, technology and risk management, Stock Pair online broker stands out from the competition.

An online broker operating mainly in binary options and high-yield derivatives, Stock Pair operates under the aegis of CySEC and is authorised by the Financial Markets Authority: the AMF and the ACPR Banque de France. Binary option trading is aimed more at sophisticated investors who are aware of its highly speculative nature.

As such, transactions involve relatively high risks and traders may lose. For this reason, it is advisable to deposit only capital that the investor can definitively waive.

trading with c stockpair

In all cases, the Stock Pair trading platform ensures that its service offerings are optimised, while respecting the regulatory authorities that supervise and monitor its activities, in order to put them back on track in the event of a breach of obligations.

With more than 170 trading instruments at its disposal, the online broker Stock Pair offers diversity to investors who choose to invest on its platform. With around 150 specialised shares, it offers a yield of up to 85%, for an initial account opening deposit of 300 euros and a minimum position of 20 euros. As soon as they register on the site, traders receive a 20% bonus.

Quality support on Stock Pair

The support service is always available to users on the Internet, whether by email, online chat or telephone. Available in 10 languages, this assistance is completely free of charge.

First site accessible via a mobile application, it nevertheless seems that traders are not completely satisfied with the mobile helpdesk.

However, the technicians of this platform are working to improve this application. The objective is to be always more efficient and to provide the best assistance to traders, beginners or advanced.

The innovative visual interface allows investors to gain a unique and interactive experience while browsing the platform. Transparency is displayed at each step through the easy-to-understand guide available on the interface.

Trader safety at the heart of Stock Pair’s focus

stock even 3D logo 3DEasy to use and secure, the platform manages client accounts and its own funds separately. Trust bank accounts are then used to hold investment funds and pay traders. Stock Pair’s operational account is managed separately, all in internationally renowned financial institutions.

In this way, NXB Financial Services Limited sets aside a security deposit to cover the sums invested by traders and sufficient liquidity to prevent currency fluctuations and other unforeseen and exceptional expenses.

An annual audit of financial activities makes it possible to verify all possible management deficiencies and compliance with international standards in this area.

Ensuring that it carefully complies with current financial standards and capital adequacy, Stock Pair fights money laundering and acts accordingly by applying the relevant regulations.

Like funds, the data of all investors is also protected. The site being certified by Thawte, all data circulating on it is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. As a result, all transactions are perfectly secure, thanks to the integration of innovative technology and the Thawte seal.

A plus that differentiates Stock Pair is that the site protects as much as possible the personal data of customers who register, in accordance with the international financial rules PCI and AML.

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How to use Stock Pair

Offering even and binary options, Stock Pair invites its traders, spread all over the world, to trade in more than 100 currencies. Indices, commodities and equities are among the tradable options in this internationally renowned platform.

stockpair bonusBased on the evolution of the underlying assets, even options can only be traded on the stock market. Instructions guide traders to better negotiate based on exchange rates during transactions. This will allow clients to distinguish symbols and asset indices in the core market, which indicates the best trading and market affiliation times.

The technology is advancing to enable traders to make reliable transactions, and to make Stock Pair a trusted trading site for binary options and pairs. Real-time exchange visibility and the availability of new products adapted to traders’ needs are also a significant alternative within reach at Stock Pair.

Concerned about the quality of trade on its site, Stock Pair has established strict trading rules. It is also advisable for each client to fully understand the rules and operating procedures at each step and before starting transactions.

It should be noted that in order to opt for fair transactions, the platform has developed effective tactics for trading even and binary options. As such, technical and fundamental analyses serve as a basis for these strategies. This is in order to negotiate a profitable trading style.

even stock platform

When it comes to stock market transactions, perseverance and discipline are the best strategies to win. This makes it possible to gradually adapt to market conditions and the management of invested funds, while knowing and anticipating risks.

Also, traders should not hesitate to seek technical assistance from advisors, who are at their disposal to ensure the success of their transactions. The trading community is a growing community, and Stock Pair is there to guide investors and provide them with innovative and efficient tools for optimal return on their investment, without any commissions or unpredictable costs.

Pairs and Kiko options

pair option with stockpair
The even option by StockPair

What may make Stock Pair different from the competition is its ability to innovate and propose new ways of trading. For example, the even option is a broker’s specialty. It is a question of finding the one between two assets that will perform best.

Kiko stockpair option
We can observe the two boundaries that define the Kiko option.

Quite simple but also fun, the Kiko option for Knock In – Knock Out is a creation of Stock Pair. Here you will define if the price of a stock will first reach the low or high limit defined on the trading platform. The Kiko does not have expiry deadlines, your trade ends when one of the two limits is reached.


In summary, Stock Pair, a trading platform for even and binary options, located in several countries, in different currencies, uses the latest technology to provide traders with a secure and transparent environment. Moreover, by specializing in even options and creating the Kiko option, Stock Pair wants to stand out from the competition but also innovate!

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