What is PaySafeCard, an online payment and withdrawal service worth?

PaySafeCard has been in existence since 2000 and is now becoming increasingly popular. This prepaid online payment system is particularly attractive because of its ease of use. Based in Vienna, it is now used in many countries in Europe and around the world. In trading, it is also used in online investments. Find out why and how…

A very simple payment method

The PaySafeCard concept is completely different from traditional cards and bank accounts. This online payment method consists of a prepaid system that is easy and fast to use, allowing transactions to be carried out with simple credits. To do this, simply buy PaysafeCard from one of its points of sale and make payments via a 16-digit PIN code. The PIN code values are usually €10, 25, 50 or 100, which is a perfect way to open a trading account. When the credit is exhausted, it is then sufficient to recharge. And this, without a bank account or credit card.

Usable worldwide

PaySafeCard is now available in 500,000 points of sale around the world. It can be found in gas stations, in various kiosks, or in supermarkets. On its website, there is a quick search application to find the nearest points of sale. After the purchase, it is then sufficient to use PIN codes to carry out online transactions.

Many brokers now accept payment by PaySafeCard, in Forex with NessFX as well as in binary option with BDSwiss. After opening an account with the broker, you only need to provide the codes to be able to make the deposits. To facilitate code management, PaySafeCard also offers a PIN code account, where you can log in and manage your payments more easily. In this case, it is then possible to pay with only a login and a password.

Like with cash

But what is most reassuring about PaySafeCard is that it is almost impossible to use. Since no banking information is provided, customers have no reason to worry about the risk of identity theft. It’s like they’re paying directly with cash. However, they must always remain cautious and never disclose their PIN codes to third parties or unaudited sites. They must also take the necessary measures to protect themselves from viruses on the Internet. In case of any doubt, they can block their PIN codes at any time.