The 10 most expensive hotel rooms in the world

Spending a dream night in a dream setting can cost a fortune. The price of a room can indeed exceed $50,000 in some hotels, but the services are generally commensurate with the investment. If you want to enjoy these prestigious experiences, here is the top 10 most expensive hotel rooms in the world

10 – The imperial Suite of Park Hyatt Vendôme, in Paris

imperial suite park hyatt

In tenth place is the Park Hyatt Vendôme and its Imperial Suite, accessible for $20,000 per night. This 5-star hotel is one of the most luxurious in Paris, the French capital.

9 – The Ritz-Carlton Suite of Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

ritz carlton suite

Then we meet in Tokyo, where the Ritz-Carlton Suite offers a panoramic view of the city. This prestigious setting is available for rent at $25,000 per night.

8 – The Villa Cupola Suite of Westin Excelsior Hotel, in Rome

the villa cupola

In the heart of Italy, in Rome, the Westin Excelsior Hotel also offers one of the most expensive rooms in the world, the Villa Cupola Suite. An address decorated with the colours of the country, accessible for $29,255 per night.

7 – The Royal Villa of Grand Resort Lagonissi, in Athens

royal villa lagonissi

As its name suggests, the Royal Villa de Grand Resort Lagonissi offers a “royal” stay par excellence. For those who enjoy a complete change of scenery, go to Athens, Greece, and prepare a budget of $32,000 for one night.

6 – The Presidential Suite of the Hotel Cala di Volpe, in Sardinia

cala di volpe

Back in Italy, in Sardinia, the appointment of elegance is given in the Presidential Suite of Hotel Cala di Volpe, for $34,000 per night.

5 – Ty Warner Penthouse in Four Seasons, New York

ty warner

New York is not lagging behind either on the luxury hotel side. At the Four Seasons, a night in the Ty Warner Penthouse costs $35,000, with a guaranteed panoramic view.

4 – The Penthouse Suite at Hôtel Martinez, Cannes

penthouse suite hotel martinez

For the same price of $35,000, it is also possible to spend a night in one of Cannes’ most luxurious rooms, the Penthouse Suite at Hôtel Martinez.

3 – The Shahi Mahal Presidential Suite from Raj Palace, Jaipur

raj palace

For lovers of a purely royal atmosphere, the Shahi Mahal Presidential Suite in Raj Palace, India, also welcomes you for $40,000 per night.

2 – Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at Palms Casino & Resort, Las Vegas

hugh hefner sky villa

And, of course, Las Vegas is automatically in the top 10, with Hugh Hefner Sky Villa of Palms Casino & Resort. Everything here is just magical, for $40,000 a night.

1 – The Royal Penthouse Suite of the President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

president wilson imperial hotel suite

The price of the most expensive hotel room then goes to the Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva. For $53,000 a night, you’ll enjoy modern and refined luxury, virtually impeccable.

Finally, if you can’t afford to rent one of these suites, you can always turn to real estate investment, at least your money will be invested and not wasted