The 5 highest paid traders in the world!

One might think that footballers are the best paid in the world, but there is a long way to go before traders.

A young trader starts with a “small” salary of €30,000. But if it’s good, it climbs fast. The average salary of French traders is €298,000. We are commissioned for each win. Money quickly becomes exhilarating and you have to be careful not to lose touch with reality. We play big, but we might tend to think that these are just numbers. I think it’s a normal protective reaction of our psyche.

In short, you didn’t come to read this article so that I could tell you about our moods, but to know who the 5 best paid traders in the world are.

So here is the list of the best traders:

  1. George Soros, received $4 billion with his company Soros Fund Management LLC
  2. David Tepper, $3.5 billion at Appaloosa Management
  3. Steve Cohen, $2.3 billion for SAC Capital Advisors
  4. John Paulson, $1.9 billion for Paulson & Co. Inc.
  5. Carl Icahn, $1.7 billion for Icahn Capital Management

And they’re certainly not the ones who invest in binary options, are they?