The Bitcoin, which exceeds $500, takes off

The beginning of November 2015 was particularly memorable for the Bitcoin virtual currency. In the space of about a month, the rate of this electric currency has more than doubled, from nearly 200 dollars to more than 500 dollars… Visit this guide to find out how to buy Bitcoins!

Impressive flight of the Bitcoin

In early November 2015, the Bitcoin attracted attention with its course that made an impressive impact, exceeding $500 when it was “only” $200 about 30 days earlier. There was no specific explanation for this situation. Nevertheless, electronic money was really in a bullish trend. This has attracted the attention of investors, especially those who willingly speculate on binary options.

Caution should be exercised

Even when Bitcoin is in good health, vigilance must always be exercised. Even if the price of this virtual currency is soaring: it is even on these occasions that we must be even more cautious. It should be borne in mind that this is a particularly speculative currency. As trading volumes are quite limited, its price tends to be very volatile. In addition, it is not easy to acquire Bitcoins. It is also easier to turn to derivatives (mainly binary options) to exploit the fluctuations of the digital currency.

bitcoin blockchain

There are many online brokers who offer the possibility of speculating on Bitcoin. This can be done with regulated and reliable brokers such as Interactive Option, Top Option, BDSwiss or StockPair. The quotation is generally based on one of Bitcoin’s most important trading platforms, namely Bitstamp.

Even if caution is recommended (it is always necessary to remain cautious when evolving in the stock market universe), Bitcoin is promising and is constantly evolving, especially with the emergence and development of the Blockchain network, a technology that should revolutionize the financial universe.

Bitcoin Reminder

Bitcoin is an electronic currency (or crypto-currency) that has existed since 2009 at the instigation of programmer Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a currency that can be exchanged between legal or natural persons (between individuals or with companies) via the Internet. It can be converted into other “real” currencies (euro, US dollar, etc.), as transactions take place outside traditional networks. It is interesting to note that it is possible to use Bitcoin as a means of payment, acceptance being left to the discretion of the (online) shops. Precisely, Bitcoin does not have legal tender (hence the possibility for a trader to refuse it). In addition, it is not regulated by a central bank (the US dollar is the Federal Reserve for the US dollar while the euro is regulated by the European Central Bank).