DGCCRF alerts on online investments

The DGCCRF or Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control issues its recommendations to individuals who are seduced and headlong into online investments. As part of this process, the organization has implemented a monitoring plan to closely monitor activities on online trading sites specializing in binary options and Forex.

When individuals try online tradingThe

DGCCRF or Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control highlights the increasing complaints from individuals engaged in online trading activities. They are particularly interested in Forex and binary options, not to mention atypical investments (wines, precious stones, minerals…). Individuals are seduced by the attractive promises that some operators make them promise. Fuelled by the lure of easy gain, they rush into this activity without knowing what really awaits them. Then it’s disillusionment. To avoid reaching this end, it is essential to be well informed before launching. These are activities that can only be carried out with full knowledge of the facts.brokers scam

Trading in binary options or ForexTrading

in binary options or Forex is now a popular activity, attracting a growing number of individuals. The situation is all the more worrying because there are so many scams on the web. To attract the attention of consumers, unscrupulous operators broadcast misleading advertisements, inviting individuals, for example, to “become traders and earn thousands of euros a month”. At the same time, some of these fraudulent companies are submitting strategies that, it is claimed, optimize profits. Their “victims” then have the impression that they have come across the “deal of the century”. But they will soon become disappointing.brokers scamThe

basic rules for starting online trading

Whatever the case, it should be known that online trading is still a possible activity, provided that you take various precautions. First, you need a minimum of knowledge to be successful. There are basic information to know such as how Forex works or binary options. It is important to be as well informed as possible, knowing that this activity has nothing to do with gambling. It is necessary to implement a specific strategy. Then, you must ensure that you can rely on a reliable broker, with proper approvals and regulations, as you can find on masslib.net. Concerning binary option and Forex brokers, it is necessary to verify the existence of a licence (issued by CySEC in particular) and the approval of the main regulatory bodies (we can mention in particular the AMF or Autorité des Marchés Financiers in France, the CONSOB in Italy or the FCA in the United Kingdom) In all cases, the DGCCRF has therefore developed a monitoring plan to ensure the monitoring of all activities of this type. In this context, the entity collaborates with the AMF. And one thing must be remembered: vigilance is required. We offer you on our website reviews and tests on regulated brokers such as Interactive Option for binary options or ETX Capital for Forex