The equipment needed to trade online

Online trading is an activity that is attracting a growing number of enthusiasts. To be able to place orders and grow capital, investors must be equipped. So, what do you need to trade Forex and binary options online?

A connected computer or mobile device

The first thing a (future) trader must have is a computer or a connected mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The ideal would be to have a machine powerful enough for smooth navigation. Then plan on at least one Core i7 processor, with a RAM of 8 GB (note that it is still possible to trade with a less powerful computer, but it is possible that you will have to deal with some slowdowns).

A PC is good but if you start full-time, you will have to invest on several screens to follow your different positions live, you launch on other assets and follow the markets live. For those who are becoming more professional, the purchase of a trading station is a good investment with specially optimized equipment.

trading station

For those who want to access online trading with a mobile device, you need a Smartphone or tablet that is connected in 3G or 4G. It should also be noted that the best Forex brokers and binary options such as Markets offer a mobile version of their platform that offers complete functionalities: opening or closing a position, but also closely monitoring the evolution of the financial markets. The advantage of Smartphones and tablets is that they can be used almost anywhere and at any time and remain operational even in the event of a power failure.

Internet connection

To be able to access online trading sites, it is of course necessary that the devices are connected to the Internet. Connections are now very fast. Thanks to ADSL or optical fibre, traders can connect to trading platforms and speculate under the best conditions.

Choose a trading platform

Finally, before being able to launch, traders must choose a trustworthy online broker. Among the many operators offering their services in this field, it may be difficult to decide. The first criterion for choosing a broker is the seriousness of the online broker: it is essential to turn to a regulated broker, approved by the main European regulatory bodies.

It is also a good idea to check the proposed trading platform. Among the most famous, there is MetaTrader, which is particularly effective for Forex and binary options enthusiasts. Before registering, it is strongly recommended to carefully check the reliability of a particular broker. Do not hesitate to use online comparators and browse the reviews of other traders.