Our Top 10 most expensive villas and houses in the world

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The world’s wealthiest personalities really have luxury tastes and live in prestigious residences. The latter compete in splendour and magnificence. But to enjoy a velvet setting on a daily basis, you have to put a price on it. This one can climb very high. Discover the top 10 most expensive villas and houses in the world:

10 – Bran Castle, Romania

bran castle

At the tenth position of the ranking is Bran Castle or Dracula Castle, which is a national monument of Romania. Its price is $80 million.

9 – Updown Court, England

updown court

The Updown Court is the ninth most expensive house in the world, with a price of $116 million. Located in Windlesham, it includes 22 gold-decorated bathrooms and 5 swimming pools, among others.

8 – Hala Ranch, United States

hala ranch

Located in Aspen, the Hala Ranch consists of private ski slopes, stables and tennis courts. It is offered for sale by the Sultan of Saudi Arabia, Prince Bandar for $135 million.

7 – Aaron Spelling’s Manor, United States

aaron spelling

Still in the United States, but now in Los Angeles, we find the Aaron Spelling’s Manor and its 123 rooms. This house costs $150 million.

6 – Elena Franchuk Villa, England

franchuk villa

Worth $161 million, London’s Elena Franchuk Villa is also one of the most expensive villas in the world. It includes gyms, swimming pool, sauna and theatre rooms, as well as about ten luxurious rooms.

5 – Hearst-Davies Mansion, USA

hearst davies

Famous for its appearance in the movie “The Godfather”, in the horse head scene, the Hearst-Davies Mansion in Beverly Hills is located near stars like Beckham’s and Tom Cruise. Its price is $195 million.

4 – Fairfield Pond, United States

fairfield pond

And in the United States, in Southampton, there is also the Fairfield Pond, which covers 10,000 m² of living space. It is the most expensive house in the United States with a price of $198 million.

3 – The Penthouse One Hyde Park, England

penthouse one hyde park

Back in London for third place, The Penthouse One Hyde Park was sold for $200 million. This residential complex includes 86 luxury apartments.

2 – Villa Leopolda, France

villa Leopolda

Having not yet appeared in the ranking, France is directly in second place with its Villa Leopolda, located in Villefranche-sur-Mer. Built in 1902 by King Leopold II, this villa costs $525 million.

1 – Antilia, India

antiliaAnd finally, the price of the most expensive house in the world goes to Antilia, in Bombay. This house belongs to Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani and is occupied by him and his family. It costs $1 billion.