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Already known for its interesting trading offers, the broker also offers interesting training courses. This broker, which belongs to Leadcapital Markets Ltd, provides a real school. Traders in particular should visit its large virtual library

forex ebook‘s Forex ebook covers all the points to know about Forex investments. It includes the advantages of this market, as well as basic concepts such as the calculation of pips, the size of spreads, leverage effects and commissions.

Traders can also learn how to place orders, use analytical tools and indicators, and implement strategies. Exercises are proposed at the end of each chapter. A glossary of concepts is also at the end of the ebook.

ebook on CFDs and Actions

In this special ebook CFDs and Equities, we find of course the definitions, stories, how trades work, as well as the advantages offered on this market. It also explains how to maximize your chances of winning and make transactions in complete security. It is the beginner traders who find their happiness there above all.

ebook cfd action

ebook on raw materials

And then, since commodities are strong elements of CFDs, has also dedicated a complete ebook to this asset class. What are commodities and futures contracts? What are their foundations, their history? What are the advantages of the futures market? How to approach gold as a commodity and how to invest in it? As many questions that find their answers in this ebook.

advanced ebook advanced guideAn advanced ebook is also available in the broker’s library, in which you can find more in-depth topics. It covers in particular the world of international trading, the psychology of trading, as well as money management.

More advanced analysis techniques are also explained, as well as the different trading strategies. As a practical matter, exercises are also provided at the end of each chapter.

Other resources to be exploited

In addition to these training ebooks, which – to be specified – are free of charge to all Internet users, also has many resources. In particular, there are detailed articles on how trades work and how to use tools. Courses and video tutorials are also available on the site.