Trading with your Apple Watch is possible

In the age of new technologies, high-tech gadgets are regularly discovered. Among the latest releases that have generated public interest is the Apple Watch, whose features seem to know no limits. In particular, it can be used for online trading

Online trading with Apple Watch through the IG Markets app

Online trading with the Apple Watch is possible thanks to an application offered by the online broker IG Markets (or IG). This offers three options, namely Watchlists (list of markets), Positions and Calendar (calendar).

The first one allows you to know the markets to which the trader can access in real time as well as the evolution of the monitored values. The second simply concerns the positions that can be taken (opening, closing, buying, selling) while having the possibility to know the gains and losses..

FC Apple Watch

The third, the economic calendar, is based on the date and time displayed on the watch to provide the most relevant financial events. This gives the trader the opportunity to analyze the impact on positions and react accordingly.

Please note that “Stops” and “Limits” orders are not yet available. They should be found on upcoming updates of Apple’s connected watch.

How to trade with Apple Watch?

Trading with Apple Watch has many advantages. It is possible to go about your daily tasks and occupations while receiving the notifications you need. In particular, you can stay informed of the main signals and follow the evolution of prices without having to connect to a smartphone. Alerts are sent directly to the watch (with slight vibrations in particular) and you only need to look at your wrist to obtain the required information. Speed and efficiency are the order of the day. Especially since Apple announces an autonomy that seems very comfortable: 18 hours.

In practical terms, interested traders only need to obtain the latest version of IG Trading. It must be installed on the iPhone to be able to engage in online trading via Apple Watch.