Trading becomes a game with AnyOption Bubbles

AnyOption is a regulated binary options broker in France that is definitely no longer to be presented. This broker is one of the first to have operated in this sector. It stands out in particular for its advanced technology, developed in-house please!

Today, traders can get to know AnyOption Bubbles, a free feature

and unique in its kind that allows investors to trade binary options in a video game mode. How is this “fun” trading going?

AnyOption Bubbles or how to trade with bubbles

AnyOption Bubbles is an option now available from AnyOption that offers the possibility of trading in a fun way through bubbles. This is a feature that will undoubtedly appeal to beginners. All can select the rate of return which can increase up to 1000 %.

Like other options available from this broker, AnyOption Bubbles is linked to an independent interface, making it easier to use.

Its principle is also simple: the trader can create a bubble (in the form of a circle) directly on a graph and corresponding to a future date. In the event that the short of the underlying asset is in the bubble thus drawn, the position is a winner. If so, the investment is lost.

How to use AnyOption Bubbles?

With AnyOption Bubbles, trading binary options becomes even easier, but also more fun. The steps to follow are just as simple. First, you must select the asset on which you want to trade. Then, it is necessary to define the amount to be invested.

It should be noted that by default the interface offers quite large amounts, but it is still possible to choose a smaller amount to be specified in the “Other” box (or other amount).

It is then possible to create the bubble and place it on the graph a circle taking into account the different forecasts. A percentage is then displayed which corresponds to the rate of return if the position is a winner. This can be up to 100% depending on the risk taken.

Once the bubble has been created, all that remains is to validate it by clicking on “Go”. Thereafter, the trader can track the fluctuations of the selected underlying asset. If the price is in the bubble, the trade is a winner.

advantages and disadvantages of AnyOption Bubbles

With AnyOption, the novice trader can start investing online in a fun way. Nevertheless, this practice can have various disadvantages.

Some point out in particular this “entertainment” side which does not really correspond to the image we have of the stock market world and which could encourage certain abuses.

In particular, it takes a little seriousness out of the practice. Doing online trading like playing video games is not really healthy.

anyoption bubbles

Anyway, AnyOption Bubbles has a very careful design and technology, which is worth a visit. And whatever the tools used to trade, it should be kept in mind that trading is a serious activity that requires a minimum of information and reflection to be sure to make the best decisions.

To benefit from AnyOption Bubbles you must contact your customer service if you are already a member of AnyOption and if you are not, a simple registration by following this link will give you access to AnyOption services.

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