What are the trends for listed web companies?

In the age of new technologies and the Internet, many Web companies are in very good financial health and have stock market values that are constantly increasing and attracting investors

Nevertheless, not everything is going well for all web companies. Some of them, who have enjoyed glory in the past, are currently in a rather delicate situation.

Financial health of Web operators

The end of October corresponds to the end of the third quarter of 2015. The economic operators then follow one another to reveal their figures for the past three months. Even if a few manage to do well, overall, the situations are not very good.

At the end of October 2015, Amazon’s share price fell by 8% just after revealing its results. The same goes for Twitter, whose share price has fallen by about 10%. And they are not the only ones concerned. We must also mention Google, Facebook, IBM, Netflix, LinkedIn or Yelp. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that a few companies have done quite well. This was the case with Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo!

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What explanations?

For most of the companies mentioned above, the forecasts or results announced are below expectations (taking into account market conditions and financial analysts’ estimates). For each operator, the situation can be explained in various ways. For Facebook, investors were quite discouraged by the firm’s heavy investments. As far as Google is concerned, the value of ads is constantly decreasing. We must also mention Amazon, which continues to record losses.

The impulse of Smartphones

While some high-tech operators are running out of steam, others have been able to take advantage of the opportunities of the moment. There are those who have benefited from the impulse of Smartphones. This is particularly the case with Apple and its flagship iPhone product. The apple company, which can boast of being at the top of the list of the best market capitalizations, has seen its annual net income jump by 100% since this smartphone was launched. For 2014, this profit was close to $40 billion. Today, the best are those who manage to innovate and surprise the public while remaining at the top of the financial scale.

Operators are adapting

Faced with the constant evolution of the market and the various constraints faced by operators, they no longer focus on growth, which is no longer as spectacular as it was at the beginning… They rather draw attention to their customers’ workforce.

Let us mention in particular Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, who highlighted the “billion” users who are now evolving on his social network which is definitely no longer to be presented. They are rare to have reached this milestone. We can mention in particular Android or Microsoft and soon Apple with its devices under iOS. You can trade binary options on the shares of most new technology companies with OptionWeb.