TribuForex: What is this forum worth?

In addition to basic training and current monitoring, success in trading requires consulting reviews. Forums thus play an essential role in this field, allowing traders to exchange ideas. One of the most popular forums on the web is TribuForex, which is proving to be one of the most active

Is it worth consulting? Here is our review on this forum:

A meeting point for beginners

Forums are particularly important for those who want to start trading. Especially in the Forex field, choosing a broker can be difficult with the many portals that abound on the web. And, unfortunately, advertisements that can be misleading cannot be trusted. Especially since scam brokers are particularly aimed at beginners.

Thus, on TribuForex, novice traders can obtain objective advice on the reliability of these brokers. Indeed, traders do not hesitate to share their experiences on the platform, and in particular to warn against scams. Beginners in trading can also discover different trading tips.

More than 150 discussions cover, among other things, topics on training and seminars, more than 80 on the first steps in trading and about 40 on money management, as well as on the introduction to technical analysis. In the Frequently Asked Questions section, you will also find topics of all kinds and it is possible to ask all questions related to trading. Forex generalities are also discussed on the forum, allowing novices to get into the game.


More in-depth discussions

Wanting to be a complete forum, TribuForex is not only dedicated to novices. On the site, there are 5 chat rooms, where traders of all levels can exchange. In the tribe’s trading room, technical topics such as trade analyses and ideas, as well as technical and fundamental analyses are discussed.

Interesting articles, trading strategies, technical indicators, automated trading systems and, of course, brokers are also processed in the tribe’s chat room. Professionals are invited to share their reviews in the partner room:, DailyFX, CMC Markets… there are thousands of discussions on Forex news and analysis.

TribuForex can thus bring a lot for traders, beginners as well as experts. However, it is always necessary to know how to sort the information, since access to this type of forum is free and open.