What is the value of Forex Teacher training?

Since the popularization of online trading, more and more beginners are embarking on this practice, which would make a lot of money in no time. But, of course, to put the odds on their side, traders must have some background.Also, a visit to a trainer like Forex Professor is practically unavoidable. But is it really effective?

A French-speaking


Teacher training site

is the site that appears at the top of the list when you enter the “Forex Training” query on Google. Many consider it to be a reference in the field, as it is one of the main French-speaking training sites specialising in Forex, and indeed Professor Forex offers all the essential elements to start trading successfully. The training courses are divided into different modules, which can be adapted to all levels of traders. In particular, we find the fundamentals of Forex trading, the points to know in order to make technical analyses, build a trading method, or even to use different tools such as indicators. Professor Forex also offers personalized consulting services. Forex market news is also broadcast in real time on the platform, which allows traders not only to learn trading techniques, but also to follow Forex movements and seize opportunities. Especially since with the continuous PFX option, market changes are accessible in real time and non-stop.

Premium servicesBut

if future traders can freely access the basic prices, full access to the site’s services remains charged. Forex Professor offers 3 formulas:

  • the monthly subscription which is 27 € per month,
  • the monthly subscription 22 €,
  • the annual subscription, which is €18 per month.

These premium services then provide access to the banks’ portfolio, their analyses, as well as specific advice and signals for trading the EUR/USD. In order to reassure new members, Professor Forex offers 7 free days for those who want to test the premium offer. This trial period would then allow us to already measure the performance of the portal, which does not hesitate to display its balance sheet, with 13,016 pips collected in 2014 and 6,886 in 2015. it should also be noted that Professor Forex works closely with FXCM, which is one of the leaders in Forex trading. By choosing this broker, PFX members then benefit from free trading signals. This is rather advantageous, especially since FXCM is fully regulated on the market