What studies in France to become a professional trader?

The trade of trader has always fascinated. To be able to exercise this profession as a professional, you must have followed specific training. So, what are the studies to follow in France to become a professional trader?

The trader

“Trader” is an English word used to refer to a person whose role is to drive a financial market through transactions (acquisition and sale). This term can be translated as “trade”. And that’s precisely what it is: the trader is totally invested in a commercial activity. He must have the necessary knowledge to know when to buy or sell… In the course of his activities, the trader can work as a self-employed person or be an employee within an organisation.

How to become a trader?

There are many paths and training courses to consider in order to become a trader. Most of those working in financial markets have a “classic” background. In other words, they have attended grandes ├ęcoles, which may be engineering schools or finance schools, not to mention the Institutes of Political Studies. Given their ambitions, they naturally turn to the “finance” specialization, which extends over a period of between 6 months and one year. During this time, the student becomes familiar with the world of finance and deepens his or her knowledge. In any case, at least one BAC 5 must be provided to be credible in this sector of activity. This implies a rather long training period.


In addition to the basic diplomas, the trader can (has an interest in) also apply for other diplomas that are very well regarded in the sector: master’s degree in computer science and mathematics, finance and insurance, economics or financial analysis..

Access to the brokerage profession

Thanks to the various diplomas mentioned above, it is undoubtedly easier to enter the trading profession, but this is by no means a guarantee. Moreover, it is also necessary to have various qualities to succeed in this sector. In particular, it is essential to be fluent in English as exchanges are usually conducted in this language. In any case, a good trader controls his emotions, knows how to manage risks and is effective in expanding his network of relationships. And it is perfectly possible for him to work as a self-employed person, it is possible for him through the wrong way for a company, whether it is an investment company, a bank or a brokerage company.

Finally, if the time for study is over for you, you can always read our tips in our guides to start your training. And if you want to trade binary options modestly, we remind you that Interactive Option offers an excellent academy.