What assets are available as binary options

Online trading can be done on almost any asset available on the stock exchange, including stocks, currencies and Bitcoin. The binary option is the choice of either a financial security or an asset, as well as placing a bet on the evolution of the stock markets within a stock market like the New York Stock Exchange.

How to trade the underlying assets

The majority of digital option acts are spread over a fixed period of time ranging from two minutes to several hours. The binary option has many advantages, operations are fast, simple and very accessible with a fast and high productivity rate.

The time to recover your first investments and premiums will only take a few minutes. You will be able to access all trading operations anywhere, but only if you have a device that is connected to the Internet such as a tablet, mobile phone or computer.

Please note that trading programs are available to traders 24 hours a day. This allows you to see all the stock markets based on gold, oil or company shares such as Facebook or Google, available worldwide.

At the end of the trading period, you will be able to receive your bonus if it is successful. Otherwise, you will only lose the money invested.

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Assets available for binary trading

When doing binary trading, it is essential that you choose in advance the costs with which you will carry out your financial transactions on the market, taking into consideration the evolution of the curves. You will find a multitude of assets with which it will be possible to bet in binary option trading and if you are looking for a trusted broker with a wide choice, we recommend Option Time and its 180 underlying assets.

Among other things, there is the share of a company in Nasdaq with a good rating such as:

  • Facebook,
  • Google,
  • Adobe Systems,
  • Air Liquide,
  • General Electric,
  • Washington Post Co,
  • or ubisoft Entertainment.

There is also the responsibility of a listed company, but also the stock market index as:

  • CAC40,
  • BBC Global,
  • NTX,
  • European 500,
  • bloomberg,
  • Eurostoxx and many more…

You will also see the raw material indices that are:

  • FTSE 50,
  • Dow Jones USB Index,
  • RICI, CBR Reuters-Jefferies,
  • S&P GSCI,
  • and the electronic money index as Bitcoin.

and finally the similarity of a currency pair like :

  • the euro and the dollar,
  • the pound sterling and the dollar,
  • or between the euro and the Canadian dollar.