Withdrawal conditions with OptionWeb

OptionWeb is one of the online brokers specialized in binary options considered as true references in the field. In addition to its regulation with the competent authorities, this operator also offers attractive conditions to its customers. Update on the conditions applicable to withdrawals with OptionWeb

Withdrawals without bonus

  • First of all, in order for a withdrawal to be triggered on OptionWeb, the client must proceed with a “withdrawal order” and provide all the documents required by the broker (this measure being implemented in compliance with the regulations established by the AML or Anti Money Laundering);
  • The recovery of a sum of money that has been deposited by credit card can only be made by credit card, this possibility depending on the conditions provided by the company issuing the payment instrument in question;
brokers' bonus
  • The time limit for a withdrawal by bank transfer can be up to 10 business days, knowing that the broker takes various security measures involving the request of certain documents from the client. As is the case for credit cards, a recovery of funds is only possible for the same bank account;
  • For other types of withdrawals, a period of three business days should be allowed, knowing that the customer’s account must have been verified before any withdrawal is possible;
  • The withdrawal currency is chosen by the customer himself (euro or US dollar). In case of non-specification, any balance is credited to the customer’s account after deduction of fees (or other deductions);
  • The fees are 25 euros/dollars for a withdrawal less than or equal to 100 euros/dollars. If the withdrawal exceeds 100 euros/dollars, a 10% commission (at least equal to 25 euros/dollars) is applied if the volume of trades made is less than the deposits made with the broker;

Withdrawal conditions differ slightly for clients who have accepted a bonus, especially if they initiate a withdrawal order before the volume requested to obtain the unlocking of a bonus has not yet been reached.

Withdrawals with bonuses

In the event that an OptionWeb customer has accepted a bonus, other conditions apply:

laundry bonus

  • First, it should be noted that OptionWeb’s customer is entitled to a bonus of up to 4,000 euros/dollars, each bonus can be used only once;
  • Any bonuses can only be withdrawn after a certain volume of trades has been completed. More precisely, you must have wagered at least 20 times the amount of the bonus in question. Thus, a client who has obtained a bonus of 20 euros/dollars must first trade an amount of 400 euros to withdraw the amount offered to him;
  • If the bonus is calculated on the basis of a percentage (at least 30%) of the amount paid, the withdrawal is only possible after wagering at least 30 times the amount obtained.
  • To recover part or all of a payment that has given rise to a bonus, the broker will cancel the bonus. Any losses are then deducted from the initial deposit. In addition, a file review should be planned, which should take about 15 working days.

In all cases, the client must ensure that he or she reads the general conditions carefully before accepting any offer available from OptionWeb.