Yahoo being dismantled?

Yahoo is an American company specialized in Internet services that has been in existence for 20 years already. In recent months, the company has found itself in a very delicate situation, currently making the headlines in the world of the Web. In particular, it is a question of a possible dismantling of Yahoo… What is really going on?

A delicate situation for Yahoo

Marissa Mayer has been CEO of Yahoo for 3 years now. This will not have been enough to rectify the situation. It even seems that the latter has got bogged down and we hear many rumours… As they say so well “There is no smoke without fire”… Many people are wondering how this affair will end. Will Yahoo be transferred? Or will the company be dismantled?

yahoo logo at the head office

Abandonment of central activity?

The decision seems to have been taken for Yahoo’s Board of Directors: the central activity is likely to be transferred to an independent entity. The latter would centralize a large part of the “Internet” activities, in this case the search engine as well as the flagship brands such as tumblr, Flickr or advertising management. This structure should then be listed on the stock exchange. It should be noted that the announcement of this possibility boosted Yahoo’s price, which rose. However, it fell back again a few hours later. Perhaps this is the opportunity to test the Pair option on Yahoo shares with the Stock Pair broker, of which here is our review.

As for a possible sale of this new entity, this possibility has often been mentioned in recent days, but it would appear that the sale of the company (or part of it) is not on the agenda. However, some brands were already on the lookout. These include Verizon, News Corp., Comcast, Walt Disney and IAC.

Retention of Alibaba’s shares

marissa meyer ceo yahooFor the time being, Yahoo will also keep its shares in the Alibaba online store. In total, he holds 15% of the capital of the Chinese group listed on the stock exchange. Even if the CEO herself had indicated her wish to sell this stake, this will apparently not be the case. The 383 million shares (equivalent to more than $30 billion) will therefore remain in Yahoo’s possession. After this recent revelation, which has not failed to attract attention, Yahoo has every interest in taking action to boost its activities and revive investor interest.